If you’re one of those women who don’t mind the attention or the envious stares of other people, then we have the perfect timepiece to offer. The famous Swiss brand of watch manufacturing Angular Momentum gives you the new Belle Epoque Eternal Time watch, an extremely elegant and extravagant timepiece that will definitely glam you at first sight.

        With a lovable, yet daring design, the new Angular Momentum Belle Epoque Eternal Time Watch offers what women seek the most, refinement and functionality, sophistication and usefulness, qualities that are captured extremely well by the designers from Angular Momentum in their latest creation. At first sight, this watch resembles a delicate piece of jewelry, nothing indicating its functionality as a watch, until you see the red gold indicators of the hour and minute.

Angular Momentum Belle Epoque Eternal Time Pictures Gallery

        The case of the watch is round and it measures 41 mm in diameter. The case is surrounded by two rows of diamonds, assuring that glamorous appealing design. The design was thought to impress and to shock at the same time, the designers have used simple, yet modern lines that are appreciated by the most urban of tastes. Basing their concept on the glamour of the 19th century European era, this brilliant black watch definitely captures the idea that femininity goes hand in hand with extravagance and preciousness. The new Angular Momentum Belle Epoque Eternal Time Watch is made only from the best of materials, amongst such we can include white gold for the case and the diamonds for the bezel’s adornments.

        The element of distinctions is given by the imitation of a sun on its dial, a sun which has been set in diamonds. The indicators of the hour and minute are represented by red gold globes, a smaller one for the minutes and a considerably big one, even double, for the hours, both contrasting the black dial of the watch. The two main positions of the dial, 12 and 6 o’clock, are marked by two baguette cut diamonds, providing even more dazzling brilliance to the whole design of the watch.

        With no extra technical complications apart from the main functions of hour and minute, it is obvious that this watch was not design to offer a highly complicated technical movement, but an extremely shocking design. Having all the attributes of a piece of jewelry, this watch has been sold unbelievably fast, women declaring it one of the best timepiece-releases of the past few decades.

        No matter your taste in fashion, whether you’re into sport design or elegant one, into vintage or contemporary, this watch could never disappoint you. Angular Momentum Belle Epoque Eternal Time Watch looks like the ultimate statement of refinement and extravagance, being a reason of exuberance for whoever might be wearing it.