Angular Momentum, one of the most brilliant watch companies, with a big reputation in the watch industry for the creation of amazing and authentic timepieces very different in the design from other ones available, has enriched its watch collection with a new and unique piece that shows once again the creative and imaginative spirit of the brand and the remarkable technology used in making the watches.

     The new marvel brought to the market by Angular Momentum is the Berillium Diver Magnus watch, an impressive artistic creation produced for diving expeditions, which joins the company’s Freehand collection.

     The newest Berillium Diver Magnus watch embodies a massive 60 mm case, constructed in three pieces from a rare material found into watch cases, bronze and not just a common copper, but Berillium bronze used in the interior parts. Weighting 350 grams, the case is covered in double sapphire crystals over the dial and the screwed back unveiling the movement ticking inside the watch. The case features a revolving bezel and a case-back made in the same yellow metal, the bezel being used to set diving time.

     Utilizing a special Email Lumineuse patented technique, the Berillium Diver Magnus watch boasts perfect readability in the dark. Therefore, the bezel is equipped with 11 Email Lumineuse Green hour/five minutes dots and an ‘end-of-dive-time’ indication coated with Email Lumineuse dot Pale blue. For a diving watch, its water resistance is assured down to 300 meters.

     The dial of this amazing model is protected by the case and displays the time with the help of the central hour and minute-hands covered with Plique à Jour Email Lumineuse Blue for the hour hand and Email Lumineuse Green for the minute hand. In addition, the dial comes in Email Lumineuse Champleve green. The timepiece also features a protection crown equipped with Email Lumineuse Blue dot.

     Incorporated inside the case is the Swiss made mechanical automatic movement which animates the functions of the Berillium Diver Magnus and guarantees the optimum functionality.

     Finally, for helping this massive Angular Momentum Berillium Diver Magnus watch lose weight, the experts within the company decided to mount it on a black rubber strap using a special structure and to fit it with the brand’s patented locking system.

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