Angular Momentum has become noticed in 1998 when it started to operate as a watch brand. The company has produced original and revolutionary timepieces never found in the entire watch industry, becoming widely famous for its large range of class pieces that measure time in a sensational way. The one-of-a-kind design and the technology used in creating the watches set them apart from other watch models on the market. Widely known and highly demanded, Angular Momentum watches represent the unique and indisputable form of what imagination and artistry means in watchmaking.

     Recently, the brand has proposed to astound once again the watch industry, introducing a new incredible creation, the Classic Artisan BigBigDate Watch, a model that turns the concept of a calendar timepiece inside-out.

     The calendar mechanism used on the watch is different from most of the mechanisms on the other analog watches which display the date with the help of a disk that rotates showing only a part through a date window on the dial. The date of the new Angular Momentum Classic Artisan BigBigDate Watch is indicated by a simple red-painted mark that points at one of the Breguet-style numbers representing only the odd days of the month. With Verre Eglomise technique, the calendar wheel is fitted with black numbers applied on the back side of the sapphire glass that covers the dial, making the design of the watch unique and amazing.

     Furthermore, the timepiece features a polished rounded bezel and a white dial protected by 32.400-carat sapphire crystal material, ultra-resistant to scratches, housed in a rounded 39 mm case and equipped with hour and minute-hands made in stainless steel.

     According to Angular Momentum Company, the Classic Artisan BigBigDate Watch accommodates a manually wound ultra-flat caliber, installed inside a nice 1.4435Cnu Staybrite stainless steel case. The Swiss made movement can be visualized via the transparent sapphire crystal case-back. The functions of the watch are adjusted with the help of the 8 mm crown placed at the right side of the case and covered in onyx cabochon material, adding an imposing aspect to the timepiece.

     This spectacular Angular Momentum Classic Artisan BigBigDate watch is completed by a black alligator strap, very comfortable and elegant on the wrist. As for the price, the company’s plan is to sell it in small numbers at €6000.

     If you look for individuality or if you are a watch collector now you have the chance to enrich your collection with an original model.