Every person in the world that has seen the new Illum watch should admit that this is the future of the sport watches industry. This watch is gorgeous and absolutely amazing thing that show us that the Illum firm creates new models in every year, models that can concur every tops.

     If you want to buy a new sport watch for yourself and begin the search in the stores and on the internet Illum is in a great disadvantage because of the models name that they choose and that one is “Aqua diving watches” a name that made us think to a chinees model or a kids collection, so do not let yourself disappoint before you can take a close look of the watch. It does not matters the actually commercial of the watch and you must look at the watch characteristics and search for performance and options.

     We won’t be able to find a watch from Illum on every street. It is very hard to describe in words how this watch look like. We can say that this watch is a great combination between technology and night. It has a 38 mm case in height and with a protective glass offers to the owner an improved visibility.

     For the first time when you will wear an Illum on your hand you will notice that it doesn’t feel like you have a watch on your hand and this fact is given by the lack of indicators that we are used for the other sport watches. What are we trying to say is that the watch doesn’t have an hour indicator or a minute’s indicator. The creators of the watch the Momentum firm have design it without indicators because the indicators are a weak point when we speak about depts. So they eliminated them to make the watch resist to a higher pressure. But still how does the watch still is indicates the correct hour, a question that has a simple answer if you have seen the watch but if you don’t we will try to describe it. On the exterior of the glass that protects the watch you will find a small arrow pointed down, to the interior of the watch, and that arrow show us the correct hour and minutes (the hour that pass by the arrow are them entering a black area because the glass of the watch is divided in two section, one that is visible and another that is covered by a black color). Near the arrow will pass two indicators wheels that show the hours and the minutes, and the actually thing that make this possible is because the wheels are one on top of the other and you guess well the first wheel is indicates the hours and the second indicates the minutes and so we have obtain a aqua diving watch that is not digital and with no indicators.

     Also on the exterior of the glass we will find two colored substances colored in green and blue those actually are two laminator’s substances that can be active 35 hours from charging them only 10 minutes in sun light. This is the longest glow that exists in the watch industry so the Momentum firm may take all the credits that requires for this one.

     The bracelet of this watch is made from rubber because this watch is exclusive for diving and any other watches that resists to a dept of 200 meters can not resist with their metal bracelets because of the corrosive effect that appear in time and to a repeated exposure to diving’s. If you want to make the watch more elegant you can choose a metal bracelet from any shop.

     In the end we wish to tell you the watch is mechanical but has some quartz accessories an amazing combination that offer it a great technology inside the watch. It is a certain risk to combine mechanical parts whit quartz part and obtain a watch that works but also can dive whit it, but a risk that the Momentum firm transforms to success.

Pictures with IllumII Diving Watch

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