Angular Momentum is a brand that puts great emphasis on design and this can be seen in almost every timpiece introduced so far by this brand, but especially in the latest Jet Black Model included in the Technical Timepiece Collection. The unique approch to design embraced by the designers from Angular Momentum is more than successful, as all their timepieces display the most appealing deatures in terms of design and the most progressive mechanisms in terms of technical performance.

       Established in Bern, this brand maintains its standards of watch manufacturing as high as possible and all the new timepieces presented follow that direction oriented to quality, innovation and technical break-through. Extending the Technical Collection, the new Angular Momentum Jet Black Watch bases its appeal on the lack of traditional hands, the time being displayed with the help of revolutionary technilogies via two revolving disks. The Angular Momentum brand is famous for this original way of displaying time, whch has made from the watches introduced by this brand esteemed timepieces of the new contemporary vision towards watch manufacturing.

       All black, the design of the new Angular Momentum Jet Black Watch is impressive through its stylish features of design distrurbed by just one lime-colored dot for the hours disc and and white numerals included in the semi-arch provided at the top of the dial that indicated the minutes. The material used for the lime-colored disk represents a combination between enamel and luminous material, for a better visual impact.

       The dimensions of the new Angular Momentum Jet Black Watch´s case are appropriate for the contemporary taste for big objects, measuring 43 mm in diamter. The case features a polished steel bezel, really slim that accentuates the round aspect of the case covered in PVD coating, to render the all black design.

       Although it looks simple, with just two functions of hours and minutes, this watch´s technical movement is not easy at all. To provide the hour display disk movement, the designers had to make use of state-of-the-art technologies that in a way validate their passion and dedication to Haute Horology. The hand-wound mechanical movement was especially manufactured by Angular Momentum to fit the sophisticated appearance of the new Angular Momentum Jet Black Watch.

       The watch comes equipped with an elegant black leather strap, hand sewn and fitted with a PVD coated stainless steel clasp, to provide harmont to the all-black design.