Creativity, the word that has managed to define all timepieces created by Angular Momentum, perfectly combined with innovation, describes the aspect of the Angular Momentum’s Verre Eglomise ‘Exotic Birds Collection.

        Even though the company is well known for the simplicity used in creating every timepiece, the Verre Eglomise ‘Exotic Birds Collection is anything but simple. The simple, elegant aspect given by the black leather strap comes in contrast with the hand carved and miniature painted faces that are truly works of art.

        Angular Momentum’s Verre Eglomise ‘Exotic Birds Collection embodies a perfect combination between, not only the complexity of its mechanism and perfection but also between style and tradition, elements that manage to transform a simple and useful watch into a delicate symbol of elegance.

         Proving great patience, imagination, dedication and respect towards the client, the company has managed throughout the latest collection to gather in just one accessory beauty, style and complexity.

        The luxurious brand keeps on shocking the clientèle by adding even more taste with every model. The Verre Eglomise ‘Exotic Birds Collection, entirely compound of ‘Magnificent and Complicated Timepieces’ comes as s tribut for cockatoos, a vulnerable species, considered to be critically endangered due to habitat loss and wildlife trade.

        The name of the collection, Verre Eglomise, is a term used to describe the art of cold painting and gilding on the back of glass and the technique dates back to the pre-Roman eras.

        Miniature painting, a rare art used in giving life the the Verre Eglomise ‘Exotic Birds Collection requires great eyes, trained hands and a great deal of patience.

        With a case caliber 42 mm, 10 ATM pressure tested, made of satin finished stainless steel, a screwed transparent back, screw-locked crown with black enamel logo inlay and a 3 mm bombée sapphire crystal, the collection embodies perfection when it comes to detail, and if you are in look of an exotic accesory, this collection is definitely what you are looking for !

Verre Eglomise Exotic Birds Collection Pictures