Angular Momentum Watches

     The new marvel brought to the market by Angular Momentum is the Berillium Diver Magnus watch, an impressive artistic creation produced for diving expeditions, which joins the company’s Freehand collection.

     The new Angular Momentum La Boulle Classic Day and Night Watch is another amazing model and one of the best from the La Boulle collection. It is a handmade watch which represents the day and night dimension indicated by the black and white sections that are clearly visible on the dial.

     Recently, Angular Momentum has proposed to astound once again the watch industry, introducing a new incredible creation, the Classic Artisan BigBigDate Watch, a model that turns the concept of a calendar timepiece inside-out.


Angular Momentum Jet Black

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       Angular Momentum is a brand that puts great emphasis on design and this can be seen in almost every timpiece introduced so far by this brand, but especially in the latest Jet Black Model included in the Technical Timepiece Collection.


Angular Momentum AXIS/XXVII Time Spiral

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        Impressive design was always a core value of the Angular Momentum brand that over the years has developed incredible techniques and design visions meant to propel the fame of the brand as a provider of distinctive timepieces in a world of conformity.


Angular Momentum Belle Epoque Eternal Time

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         If you’re one of those women who don’t mind the attention or the envious stares of other people, then we have the perfect timepiece to offer. The famous Swiss brand of watch manufacturing Angular Momentum gives you the new Belle Epoque Eternal Time watch, an extremely elegant and extravagant..


Verre Eglomise Collection

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        Creativity, the word that has managed to define all timepieces created by Angular Momentum, perfectly combined with innovation, describes the aspect of the Angular Momentum’s Verre Eglomise ‘Exotic Birds Collection.

Illum II Swiss Diving Watch

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    Every person in the world that has seen the new Illum watch should admit that this is the future of the sport watches industry. This watch is gorgeous and absolutely amazing thing that show us that the Illum firm creates new models in every year, models that can concur every tops.