17 February

Armin Strom Elements Regulator

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In spite of a year of silence, Armin Storm released for 2009, two brand new timepieces, the second line being the Armin Strom Elements Regulator a stylish robust collection which merges reliable and luxurious materials. Here we are presenting you, their latest series- Strom Regulator Elements.

Those elaborate and stylish timepieces merge the sober, titanium coated black PVD for the bezel and the case, that makes the models, at the same time durable and feather light, with matched elegant horn back alligator-leather straps that offer them a powerful visual impact: the watches are designed to make a strong statement about power and elegance in a perfection oriented contemporary society.

Armin Strom Regulator Earth combines the black with separated time-functions: as a special feature of this watch the earth-colored hour counter is placed on the sub-dial at 7 o’clock next to the seconds counter placed at 6 o’clock; the minute-counter and the date-indicator are presented in two large concentric discs.  With its engraved movement, its of-centered minute regulator, its retrograde date display and its innovative smaller hour/ second counters the brand new Armin Strom Regulator Earth series promises to be an astonishing launch.

The Elements collection, just like its name suggests, is inspired by the four natural elements: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air; the tones and the unique design touches found in each watch are trying to capture the very soul of each element.

With the 2009 collection the famous watch-maker Armin Strom, innovates his traditional style by approaching a sportier design but at the same time he maintains sky-high well-known level of exclusiveness. With the new line of watches, Regulator Earth, based on the Armin-in-house movement, Armin experienced a new branding strategy by taking out his last name, he lids out to the sub-dial all the important information and uses retrograde indicators for the date and minutes dials, moreover in the development of the theme, Strom involves overlapping circles which create a the illusion of near skeletonized but still functional tine-perception.

The models have a 43 mm wide titanium case and their case and straps follow the color theme of the representative natural element, the Fire models are plated with gold, and the Earth models feature black PVD, moreover the limited edition -100 pieces of each model matches alligator leather straps which also melt in the thematic principal of the element.

The collection remains fascinating, each model is unique in its own endearing way and each model has the consistency necessary to transcend time and trends.

Pictures with Armin Strom Elements Regulator