To tell you the truth, watches are a personal favorite. As a result, when we know there is a new model coming out in the market, we watch and wait eagerly! When the new Baume and Mercier was released; it created a sensation and we realized that this watch had something going for it and we had to check it out.

Baume & Mercier Hampton Classic Watch picture

        A little history!
        Baume and Mercier are well known as watch connoisseurs and they do good work. The company was founded in 1830 and they are associated with Cartier and Piaget; all of whom are owned by the company Richemont. With such illustrious company, it stands to reason that the watches they make will be elegant. The company has been around for several years and their design team has recognized the need for chunky yet hip watches that are easy to wear too.

        Every watch or piece of Jewelry that comes out of the B&M design stable is wearable but immediately becomes an heirloom piece if you can afford it. These new stainless steel models of the latest Baume and Mercier line are not only elegant but eminently wearable with several functional adaptations that make it one of the more enviable models to be released recently. A few technical specifications.

• The watch has a nifty little titanium and stainless steel casing that makes it very resistant to scratches and water leakage.
• It looks extremely elegant with an angled almost diamond like appearance. The watch is chunky but functional and great for unisex use too.
• The casing is an even 43mm which might make it a little difficult for women to wear but it does look elegant.
The dial is in a classic white but you can choose other colors like black depending on availability. There is a date display on the facing and luminescent hands that display time in the darkness too.
The facing is a scratch resistant sapphire crystal and coated with an antireflective coating.
• The watch has three separate watch faces on the dial that feature chronograph functions. The three dials are for a 2 hour counter located near the 6 o’clock position, a second’s counter located at the 9 o’clock position as well as an half-hour watch counter located near the 12 o’clock. The three dials are controlled by a highly polished pushers located on the side of the 12 sided bezel.

        What it’s going to cost you?
Baume and Mercier is a high quality precision company that offers Swiss made time pieces to keep the time. As a result, prices are indicative of the care that has gone into making the time pieces. At last count, each piece of the watch was going for an average costing of $2,069.99- $3,390.00. You can order the watch online but at last count, the model seems to have sold out with no reserve! Several sites are also offering second versions of the watch which are great too if you can get a model that has undergone limited use.