18 May

Bell and Ross Phantom

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       Because the watches Beautiful & Ross fulfill the requirements of the extreme perfectly, Bell & Ross became a mark of reference in the field of the High Clock industry and the exclusive universe of the professional users.

       The aeronautical instrumentation being the absolute reference as regards legibility, reliability and performance, the originators of Beautiful & Ross sought most accurately to reproduce possible a chronometer on the scale of the wrist of the man.
In a constant search of perfection, Beautiful & Ross creates the Swirl, noblest of the clock making complications, without losing sight of the fact its professional requirements.

       Instrument Br 01 SWIRL PHANTOM is the monochromic variation of Br 01 SWIRL presented last year in Basle.

       Very of black venue the day with its case carbon, its black dial and its black needles, it is illuminated the night. Its angular color and its forms refer to the planes furtive, undetectable but never invisible.

       Faithful to the principles of design of the mark, Br 01 SWIRL PHANTOM integrates 4 complementary complications: a Swirl, an Indicator of precision, a Regulator and an Indicator of reserve of walk. A mechanism with great complication with bridges and platinum’s out of carbon fiber and a Swirl completion black gold, for an extreme precision in a total discretion. A “trust Index”: Indicator of the optimal precision of the movement according to the tension of the barrel.

       With this version PHANTOM, Beautiful & Ross the chart of legibility in discretion without losing sight of the fact plays its technical and professional requirements. A watch and a dial completely black and perfectly readable of night thanks to an especially developed photo luminescent coating by Beautiful & Ross.

       The provision in cross of the 4 meters treats on a hierarchical basis information.
The Regulator for the time being dissociates the time indications with a meter and a central needle for the minutes. The originators Beautiful & Ross privileged this setting in front of the minutes for a speed reading and precise of short times, an indicator of reserve of walk of 120 h.

       The use of materials of high technology: titanium coating DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) ultra light and very resistant to approximately 4 000 Vickers (HV) for the box, and the carbon fiber for the dial, optimize the performances of the watch.

       The glasses and the plate higher, ribbed than the angles, reinforce the solidity of the case. The breadth hollowed out on the section reduces the structure without compromising the solidity of the box. Each opening is equipped with a carbon fiber insert.
These completions accentuate architecture high-tech Instrument Br 01 SWIRL PHANTOM. The removable bottom with its 4 screws lets appear the movement through glass sapphire. Faithful to the concept of modularity which characterizes the collection Instrument Br 01, a clever system of removable fasteners makes it possible to easily transform the watch of wrist into watch of office, shows pendent or to fix on a dashboard.

       Instrument Br 01 SWIRL PHANTOM is presented on a support of office out of titanium and carbon fiber. The swirl finds its function thus first: to compensate for the variations of precision related to the terrestrial attraction in the driving position.

       The watch is sold in a box out of enameled invaluable wooden and carbon, with two interchangeable bracelets out of rubber and black alligator.

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