The love of every person for the time piece provides each and every one of them a love for the tools that makes the watches cams to life. So the BR Instrument Minuteur Tourbillon has increased the love for the watches.

     BR Instrument Minuteur Tourbillon was created with a single purpose, to bring together a watch that can be a very precise instrument when it cams to indicate time with a great mechanic function, and this task has been shown us a real tricky one. The case of the watch is made entirely from gold and that is a great way to avoid the earth gravitation when it comes to mechanical pieces that are so small and precise with time indicators.

     The main attractions of this watch are created by the perfect four properties that the watch offers. For a better indication of time a separate indicator for seconds has been installed and it can run three days without any other power unit supply. You will also find on the left side of the frame a different counter timer and his purpose is to create the perfect chronometer that can indicates like digital watches, minutes and even seconds whit different intermediary times. So the possibility of recording more times with the chronometer is with the Flyback property, a property that allows not only the recording of multiple times but also a quick zero reset and also can start over again the chronometer in just a matter of milliseconds.

     The watch has also insertion of pink gold that offers another careful and gentle look for the design of the watch. The dial is made from carbon fiber and the moving parts are made from dens aluminum and you can realize that with these materials the weight of the watch is very reduce but in the same time his aspect and proportions are transforming the BR Instrument Minuteur Tourbillon into a very strong and rigid watch.

     The design of the watch is elegant and with an air of the 70’s but in the same time if take a closer look to the lines it gives a futuristic aspect. The glass is realized from pure crystal of three millimeters thick and with an amount of curved induce to it. The glass is set on a strong frame that is bold down with the help of four gold screws. So the front case can really help the BR Instrument Minuteur Tourbillon by providing it better protection over the front area but in the same time its concave shape can assure a water proof very good realized from the constructors of course with the help of two membranes that are created from cruel rubber.

     The belt of the watch tries to keep the main theme color of the watch and the theme is dominated by black whit white insertions that cams together great because of the gold case. The belt is black and it is made from rubber but we must tell you the belt is very wide, even if the watch is not that big only 38 millimeters. You will also notice if you take a closer look at the watch that on the moving parts in the south area of the glass that there are two pink diamonds implemented on two of the moving parts that also bring an elegant resonance to the watch.

     For an entire picture that we can create in our minds about the BR Instrument Minuteur Tourbillon it is surely a watch that deserve all of the money in the world, even if it costs around 14 000 euros, but the only aspect that is an inconvenient of this watch is that when the hour indicator reach the nine hour it became very difficult to read the exact hour, maybe it will be better if the Bell&Ross company can create a better design of the exterior.

Pictures with Bell & Ross BR Instrument Minuteur Tourbillon