The perfect combination between beautiful design and innovative technical performance has been achieved successfully by Bertolucci with the introduction of the new Bertolucci Fascino 18k Gold Womens Watch, a timepiece of exquisite taste designed especially for women. Under their motto:”Mediterranean inspiration. Swiss craftsmanship.”, the designers from Bertolucci have shown once again that in terms of design, passion is what drives them to create, whereas in terms of technical performance, science and accurate techniques are a must.

The new Bertolucci Fascino 18k Gold Womens Watch displays a design hard to ignore that may strike men as being way too fancy, while women will definitely consider it a masterpiece of watch manufacturing artistry. This watch is not for the average woman that’s not used to the attention, as this watch is sure to draw attention upon the person wearing it. The finest materials have been used to recreate this glamorous design featuring gold and diamonds, not to mention its extremely elegant design lines that are sure to impress the ladies.

The case of the new Bertolucci Fascino 18k Gold Womens Watch is, just as expected, made of 18 K yellow gold. The design is unitary and quite harmonious, considering the bracelet made from interconnected yellow gold links, which is also equipped with a folding clasp. For most women this timepiece fulfils the duty of a wrist accessory that’s precious, refined and fashionable, rather than that of a timekeeping instrument. If we were to talk about women and fashion, we wouldn’t be wrong in saying, that they care less about functionality and accuracy than they care about design and aesthetic features. The most amazing element of this beautiful Bertolucci Fascino 18k Gold Womens Watch is its diamond adorned bezel, which adds that touch of extravagance sought by every woman.

The dial of the watch comes on white and is actually really simple as to equilibrate a bit the balance between gold and diamonds. The dial provides gold-like hands indicating the hours and minutes, pointing to the hour markers set in diamonds; except for 12 o’clock which bears the logo of Bertolucci brand, and 6 o’clock position, which uses a Roman numeral.

The new Bertolucci Fascino 18k Gold Womens Watch is equipped with a Swiss quartz movement that assures the main functions of the watch, providing it also with an amazing water resistance of up to 100 meters. Even if this watch is water-proof, we highly doubt it there will be any women wanting to sink this exquisite piece of jewelry and Haute Horology artistry at the same time in the water.

A watch that screams elegance and extravagance, the new Bertolucci Fascino 18k Gold Womens Watch will surely be the perfect companion for those of you who have a taste for luxury and glam. This watch can complement any outfit, but if you want to highlight its beauty, visit, where you will find useful tips on how to wear different types of jewelry with style and elegance.