The new Blanclpain L-evolution watch assortment is one of the best Swiss watch brands. The main aim of this brand is to surprise and enthrall everyone by showing large collection of luxury Swiss watches. The range features alarm GMT, Blancpain L-evolution Automatic & jours, Tourbillion GMT as well as moon Phase & Jours. You will get Automatique & Jours either in stainless steel or in rose gold color and hold a sport 43.5mm case finished with dual steeped sides and newest attachable lugs letting easy alternative for the metal bracelet. The design of the case is like to the other designs of this L-evolution assortment which features three-dimensional dial of skeletal along with Cotes De Geneve styles and also bold Arabic numerals which are large in size. It constructs 13 R5 which is an automatic winding caliber which is based on special caliber 13 RO.

        The clock face of this amazing time piece is highlighted by a multifaceted nature. It shows fragile cut-out design with a huge central opening which allows you to see the base plate decked superbly with Cotes-De-Geneve designs. One can see the extra apertures which includes a date window at around 6’o clock as well as the power reserve showing at around 12 o’ clock, enlarging the different structural depth effect to entire dial. At 3 and 9 o’clock there are two large sized Arabic numeral s in bold are located which strengthens the three dimensional feature of dial. Case of this lovely timepiece is very interesting and worth mentioning. The style of the time piece is quite sporty which includes freshly designed attachable lugs which make metal bracelet to insert nicely.

        To add more beauty to the time piece, rubber-lined black or may be brown leather strap is fitted along with triple blade folding grip. This amazing watch has automatic 13R5 winding caliber as discussed above which features exclusive and unique system of controlling the screws for facilitating titanium balance. The rate of movement is strictly taken care of but with the help of inertia-blocks which are positioned about the balance rim or the ‘felly’. Moreover micrometrical gold screws are adjusted with the square head providing adjustment. The quarter-turn of the two completely opposite screw tells about the gain or the loss of 30 seconds of each day. To great extent this enhances the accuracy level and also movement operation which really doesn’t get disturbed by any kind of jolts or the strain. The unusual movement beating inside the timepiece is also fitted along with three barrels which provides power store of an 8 day. Moreover the high density of the gold motor assures greatly skilled and well organized winding, still as a flat balance spring promises ideal isochronism.

        The Blanclplain L-evolution timepiece is actually 100 meter water opposing. The Blanclplain L-evolution automatique 8 jours is actually a good watch to buy especially for those people who are looking for a complete package of utility as well as stylish looks both at the same time.

Blancpain L-evolution Automatic 8 jours pictures