We wouldn’t be talking about the name Carl F. Bucherer as being one of the most respected brands of watches today if it hadn’t been for Carl Friedrich Bucherer’s devotion towards creating unique timepieces that would eventually pass the test of time. Carl Friedrich Bucherer and his wife, Lisa, opened a small business back in 1888, a business that very soon developed into what we call now the Carl F. Bucherer Empire. The highly appreciated house of watch manufacturing has been bringing its contribution to the watch market ever since and the new products presented by Carl F. Bucherer imply that the greatness of this brand is yet to be seen and that innovation and originality still play a huge part in the creation process of the new timepieces.

        The new creation presented by Carl F. Bucherer is inspired by the gothic architecture, which is described as being massive, edgy and almost intimidating. The watch goes by the name of Alacria Diva Gothic and it’s a sparkling timepiece that pays tribute to preciousness, elegance and individuality. A watch that’s not for everybody to wear, the new Alacria Diva Gothic is a very chic watch that displays a daring design if we were to refer to the precious stones applied on it. Even though it’s strongly ornamented with diamonds and rubies, the design is not flashy or opulent, but radiant.

        The new Alacria Diva Gothic by Carl F. Bucherer features a 45 mm in diameter case made of pure white gold, which is decorated with precious stones: diamonds and rubies. The luxurious case is adorned with 211 rubies, positioned to form a design pattern on the case and another ruby is set in the crown. Adding even more elegance and distinctiveness, the designers have chosen to use 82 diamonds, placing them on the case, the dial and also the buckle. Through combining the rubies, diamonds and the 18 k white gold the designers have managed to achieve a fashionable, yet classy look.

        Although judging by its remarkable design many would overlook the watch’s technical qualities, but they should be aware that you can have both design and value blended in one concept and that’s Carl F. Bucherer’s merit. The Alacria Diva Gothic watch accommodates a Swiss Quartz movement, making of this uniquely decorated timepiece a watch that’s not only pretty, but also functional.

        The dial of the watch is decorated in diamonds and it features hours and minutes indicators. The talent needed for the setting of these decorative stones is incommensurable and Carl F. Bucherer can be proud of having amongst its team such dedicated and talented watch makers.

        The new Alacria Diva Gothic Collection by Carl F. Bucherer was launched in a limited edition of only 25 pieces, due to the expensive and rare materials used to create the watches’ design. The price of one Alacria Diva Gothic watch can even attain $120,000, but as many of us would put it, you’re purchasing three things: a timepiece, a jewel and a name.

        The strap of the watch is made of textured ray skin with an underside made of alligator leather and fitted with a 13 diamonds decorated clasp, perfectly fitting the glamorous design of the new Alacria Diva Gothic by Carl F. Bucherer.

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