Being famous for reproducing unconformity and uniqueness in the design of their timepieces, the Carl F. Bucherer brand of watches is one of the most highly reviewed brands nowadays. The stubbornness towards keeping innovation and originality as core values of the creative process has proven to be benefic, as the brand continues to amaze its most loyal fans with the new wristwatches presented.

        Being part of the Alcaria Royal line, the newest watches are produced in a limited edition of only 25 pieces, featuring 4 versions. The new Alcaria Royal Limited Series are designed for the ladies who are interested in wearing something more than a simple watch on their wrist; they are interested in wearing a proof of sophistication and novelty.

        The latest wristwatches by Carl F. Bucherer focus on the power of jewelry and accessorizing. The new Alcaria Royal Limited Series are made of very pretentious materials such as: diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Just as the name suggests, these watches are made for royalties, for people who only settle for the best.

        The cases of the new Alcaria Royal Limited Series are made of white gold and are covered in sapphire crystal. The dial is embellished in diamonds and rubies, each version using different colors. Very trendy and glamorous, the new Alcaria Royal Limited Series are the delight of women worldwide, as every woman knows that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and that there’s no better accessory than a watch disguised as the finest piece of jewelry.

        Immediately catching the eye, the new watches presented by Carl F. Bucherer display a very fascinating look. Just as its sophisticated dial, the bracelet is also made of gold, with adorned diamonds and rubies. All in all, the watch is spectacular in appearance and if you were to see it in a shop it would most definitely be felt like a magnet of attraction.

        Regarding its technical aspect, the new Alcaria Royal Limited watch uses a quartz mechanical movement and has a 30 meters water resistance. Although water resistant, it is doubtful that a woman who appreciates glamour could actually enter with this fine piece of jewelry into the water, but the designers from Carl F. Bucherer apparently have chosen to use as a creation concept the boy-scauts’ motto: be prepared!

        The new Alcaria Royal Limited watch represents on opulent timepiece that manages to draw attention on whoever is wearing it, due to the abundance of precious materials blend together into creating this unique and trendy design.

        Every woman appreciates sophistication and finesse and this watch has plenty of it. The designers from Carl F. Bucherer developed this grandiose design to celebrate the modern woman’s need to show up, to draw attention and to make statement of their success.

        Weather thinking of it as a gift or as a personal acquisition, this watch will prove to be a very good investment.

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