14 March

Manero Monograph

Posted under Carl F. Bucherer

     If a woman wants more time for herself this is the moment. Unique because of it construction, with a glass shield build on three different layers, Manero Monograph shows a tradition in the watch manufacturers. Again Carl F. Bucherer reaches the perfect union between stiles of a perfect construction that is entirely transformed into a feminine one.

     With one single look at the watch it express it self many elegant styles. Whit the Manero Monograph, Carl F. Bucherer was able to combine two unique worlds but worlds that meet again and again in every day.

     Not even a single person thinks that mechanical parts can be associated whit a feminine side, but still Carl F. Bucherer has manage to do so by bringing the pearls and diamonds in a new three dominions case that is unique in every single part of the design and also revolutionary.
     In a short way to describe this watch, the Manero Monograph will make the heart of every mechanical lover to beat faster with one second.

     Manero Monograph is equipped with a complicated device that is not quite often seen in our days: The Chronograph Controlled via one push. This is an outstanding fixture because it permits to the designer to hide some elements that are usually seen on other watches, to some elements that are common on watches. The idea is that every watch must have a dial but this technology gives the opportunity to use different buttons for different function that have as their location the same place. Just for an example for the first time when you look at the watch you will not notice anything unusual but when you will try to locate the main dial you will be surprise to find it in the wind button. This proves to us the amazing progress of technology but it does not stop here and this technology can group up to five functions in a same tiny place.

     The precious stones can go missing when we speak about a woman watch. The main characteristics are the red ruby’s that draw two lines on the edge of the case that defines the great combination of colors. The heavy contrast is created because the main picture is given by the black lines that create randomly shapes but the shapes are filled with diamonds that are also randomly cut. Near the red ruby’s are also two small lines delicate drown in diamonds. Even the five dial functions is graved whit a conic red ruby that drowse attention when we look from the side of the watch.
     This thing along with the mechanical complexity can be appreciated in three dimension way from each side of the watch with the great property to not create a busy side filled with different shapes and forms.

     The belt of the watch is made from rubber with the impression of pearls that appears along it. The rubber material has the amazing warranty of 15 years from the release date.
     So for each and every woman this watch is a great way even to attract men or to create some other people jealous of you if you are at a meeting of in your office.
     The price of the Manero Monograph watch is as high if it can gets on the market because of all of the precious stones on it, 68 in number, but also because of its looks and it gets up to 38000 euros.

Pictures with Carl F Bucherer’s Manero Monograph Watch