23 April

Cartier Baignoire

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      In the year of 1920 a tremendous brand from Cartier appears on the market and its name was and is even today Baignoire. In our days Cartier has manage to adopt a closer personal contact to women and manage to create the Cartier Baignoire Grand Modele a watch that was created to confirm again the tradition and also the fame of this corporation over the years.

      The Cartier Baignoire Grand Modele is bigger then the previous models and has the most perfect exterior design that we can find on a Cartier women’s watch. The perfect shape of the watch is also because it has a counter of the case realized entirely from diamonds that are exactly in the same shape and size and the distribution of them is perfectly equal on both sides. This thing assures the perfect reflexes of light when it is on every lady hand.
      In exterior design the Cartier Baignoire Grand Modele is a simple model with a big oval white dial and roman numbers on it. The elegant and stylish air is also given by the bezel that on its top has a concave diamond just for a beater access of the bezel and for an easier movement.
      The case of the watch is entirely made from 18 karats gold and has the non-magnetic properties and treatment but also has a very meticulous way of bounding with the hand and that thing is possible because of its oval shape. Also on the dial even if it is a simple one Cartier has implemented a second indicator near the big roman numbers because they kept the idée of a very simple watch that can be very easy to read. Without this second indicator set on the dial the buyer will be totally lost inside those big numbers because the roman numbers are the most old air inspiration of this watch but in the same time can get the watch down when it cams to understand the hours.
      Inside the watch we find an entirely mechanical engine that it was created by Piaget and it was called Piaget 430C. This is an ultra thin model from Piaget and can get a 45 hours power reserve for the watch. Beneath the main dial and the never-ending white we can find a layer of silver that has the role of protecting the watch from water infiltration but also from vapor that can be created on a sunny day on the beach. And yes you guess well the watch is very elegant any time of the day and whatever you do even if you are at work or on a long watch on the beach.

      Also on the back of the watch we can find a serial number written that it is unique for every watch and that way the Cartier people and engineers can immediately identify it is a real one or just a fake.

      The watch is meant to resist under water near 50 meters but it is not recommended to actually wear the watch when you go scuba diving and the water resistance was created only for accident like dropping the watch without your will under water.

      The belt for the watch can come in a white leather or with a gold belt or in a gold belt engraved with diamonds but that is only depending on your wish or your wife wishes because remember the Cartier Baignoire Grand Modele is created specially for women but it was meant to be bought by men.

Pictures with Cartier Baignoire Grand Modele