12 June

La Dona by Cartier

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      Regardless their destinations, all watches designed by Cartier have as a main purpose achieving luxury. Buying a wristwatch from Cartier screams not only good taste, but also good investment. Being one of the most popular brands, Cartier’s designs are easily recognized through their elegance and graceful stylishness. The sophisticated Cartier watches add a note of distinction and refinement to whoever is wearing them. So, you can be sure that if you choose to give a Cartier watch as a gift you won’t disappoint. If you are buying it for yourself it will bring you complete satisfaction and you’ll feel your money has been spent wisely.

      No matter what you’re looking for in a wristwatch you will find it all in the Cartier watches. Being in this industry for so long, Cartier has learned to meet its customers’ expectations, so aspects such as elegance, design and functionality were never neglected. Cartier’s mission to achieve greatness was carried out honorably.

      The watch La Dona by Cartier makes no exception. The creation of this watch was inspired by Maria Felix, whose beauty and flamboyant personality made her one of the icons of the golden era of the Cinema of Mexico. The watch has taken her honorific name -La Dona – for she always appreciated beauty and elegance and was a jewelry connoisseur, having an extensive jewelry collection. It is a known fact that Maria Felix was a fan of the Cartier brand, and after her death, Cartier designed a watch in her memory. The result was impressive, La Dona watch by Cartier rose to the occasion.

According to its creators Cartier La Dona was designed to shock through its paradoxical combination between extravagance and simplicity. The La Dona watch with reptilian links is an exquisite piece. Its case is made of 18 carat gold and it has a trapezoidal shape, hinting to a crocodile’s head. Moreover, the case is encrusted with diamonds. Cartier La Dona has also a white dial with roman numerals on it and it is being run by a #690 caliber quarts.As if this wasn’t enough, the watch has another two elements that guarantee its sophisticated aspect: a sapphire crystal and an octagonal crown with diamonds. Also, this watch is endowed with a red alligator strap and a gold buckle.

      The encrusted diamonds show the true value of this watch. La Dona by Cartier is an expensive, yet worth buying watch. Its value is estimated at $17,275.00, but as the connoisseurs would put it, a small price to pay. La Dona is not an accessory, it’s a piece of art.

Cartier La Dona with Diamonds Watch Pictures