11 June

Cartier Polo St. Moritz

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      Staying on top of the game should be every brand’s prerogative. Cartier has managed to stay on top of the game by creating revolutionary designs for its most famous watch-collections.

      This time Cartier’s muse was the sport called Polo. Cartier has designed Polo St. Moritz Pasha Watch, a watch dedicated to the active people, to those interested in both fair-play and competition, to the Polo game aficionados that appreciate sports and living life actively, but most of all, Cartier Polo St. Moritz Pasha Watch is dedicated to those who appreciate beauty.

      For those of you that see no elegance in sports, Polo St. Moritz Pasha Watch by Cartier will prove you wrong. Although inspired by an unusual theme this watch introduces a new version of elegance and refinement. Its theme shows that Cartier is ready to experiment, to break the standards of this industry and to prove that when it comes to design there are no frontiers.

      This timepiece is an impressive watch made of 18 carat white gold material on the case and bezel that goes hand in hand with a black alligator leather strap. The white gold crown with sapphire cabochon on it has become a distinctive element of Cartier watches, and it is present in Polo St. Moritz Pasha too. Also, the watch has a white dial with blue hands and black hour markers and numbers. In the middle of the dial you can see an illustration of a man on a horse playing Polo. A diamond is encrusted on the 7 o’clock position to mark the ball used to score points in this sport. Simple, yet elegant, Cartier Polo St. Moritz Pasha Watch proves that less is more and that inspiration can come from the most unusual things.

      As some would say, this watch presents us with a theme a bit difficult to absorb for those that have no interest in Polo, but still we cannot ignore its beautiful aspect and its uniqueness. So, in the name of originality and novelty, Polo St. Moritz Pasha Watch by Cartier can only be appreciated at its true value.

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