19 May

Cartier Santos Triple 100

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       This watch of Cartier offers various aspects. Of a fast tower of the crown, a train of microphone-wheels makes rock lines of horizontal plates simultaneously, of Venetian blinds type, to let appear three faces of different dials. The first is a traditional dial with its Roman numerals and its turn of hours so particular to Cartier. The second lets appear an entirely paved white diamond face and black sapphires a checker work jeweler. As for the third dial, it reveals an engraved face of a head of tiger. Le fond transparent due boater permit de counterplea and the movement skeleton a ruminate mechanic

       True clock making innovation, this model cuts XL of the watch Santos Triple 100 New Year’s gift a mechanism of rotary dial combined with a movement skeleton; spectacular deployment of faces hidden to follow of a turn of winder. An entirely crimped structure, limited and numbered edition of 20 specimens which makes emerge time in images, a hypnotic and magic time. Birthplace: the cell R & D of Cartier Manufacture, after several months of research, develops this mechanism which is the subject of an patent application. Secret de fabrication : mobile prisms in white gold 18 carats, actuated simultaneously since the crown, are pulled by a system of micro wheels enabling them to rock gradually in a direction as in the other and to let appear three faces of different dials. Sequences: successive alternation of a traditional face to the 12 Roman numerals, of an entirely paved face of round diamonds and black sapphires a such checker work jeweler, then of a engraved animalist face of a head of tiger whose meticulous realization requires more than 40 working hours. Gears: the mechanism of this amazing version of Santos Triple 100 is associated a mechanical movement Manufacture with manual reassembly skeleton decorated with the hand and assembled with Cartier Manufacture. .

       Graduate of the prestigious School of Clock industry of the Lime-of-Bottoms (Swiss), this girl of Parisian clock and watch makers carries out today the mark of jeweler and accessories of luxury on the way of clock making legitimacy. It is in the air of time. Cartier must sit his reputation among the great names of the sector: in particular those which as belong to the group Richmond to him (Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Lange & Shone, etc).

       Thanks to Forest Carole and to Serge Rebase, directing Clock industry Creation, Cartier introduces to this year clever Santos Triple 100 – three dials in one – and many other innovations. But the mark signs especially its entry in the world of the high clock industry with the Blue Balloon Flying Swirl. The swirl is one of the devices most sophisticated to equip a watch today. It is permitted that the effects creates the attraction terrestrial and the precision that it is measured in time.

       The Punch of Geneva. “For the Blue Balloon Swirl developed by Cartier, the label Roger Dubois manufactured the components, underlines Carole Forestier. Then we assembled a workshop of assembly to Geneva; what enabled us to take down very coveted Poinçon of Geneva ever obtained before. On the other hand, the prestigious Parisian house produces itself all its movements with quartz. It has workshops of development, creation, assembly, test and homologation. It any more but does not remain to him to manufacture its components. The watch counts, on the whole, approximately 7,6 carats of diamonds. The price is around 340 000 $ US / 248 710 €.

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