7 November

Casio Baby-G BGA100-8B

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         The new watch presented by Casio is out to impress the watch enthusiasts with its cute design and accessible price, and even though it may seem designed to meet the expectations of teens and hipster youngsters, the watch is also intended to reach the needs of its adult target. The new Casio Baby-G BGA100-8B watch approaches an attractive juvenile design that catches the eye of those interested in fashion, action and diversity. Far from what we call classic in the world of watch manufacturing, the new Casio Baby-G BGA100-8B watch provides a beautiful aspect which shelters a professional and reliable mechanism.

         Definitely an alternative to the dull designs, the Casio Baby-G BGA100-8B’s design hints to youthful attitude, playfulness and sense of humor, in a world full of stress and gray. This new watch by Casio has been a huge success on the market ever since its launch, not only because of its cute informal design, but also because of its price which is quite affordable. The new Casio Baby-G BGA100-8B watch is available on the street market starting from 80 American dollars and does not exceed the price of 100 $.

         The feminine design touch is given by the heart located between the 3 o’clock and 4 o’clock position, which matches perfectly the pink theme of the Casio Baby-G BGA100-8B’s dial. Another feminine touch is given by the Arabic numerals which use curvy and delicate lines. This watch is quite popular amongst the business women who are not afraid to show that in a men’s world they do have the guts to show their femininity, providing the dullest meeting with the most relax attitude.

         The grey case of the new Casio Baby-G BGA100-8B watch enters in slightly contradiction because of the sporty design lines, as opposed to the pink and hearty dial’s theme. The case is surrounded by a steel bezel, inscribed with the Baby-G logo at the top and another SHOCK RESIST specification inscribed in the lower part of the bezel.

         Equipped with a countdown timer, 29 time zones and 27 cities, not to mention the traditional hour, minute and second functions, this Casio Baby-G BGA100-8B watch is very reliable and functional. It works on batteries and is perfectly adapt to come with everyday life, as it can be programmed for daily alarms, with 1 snooze function. This watch guarantees perfect precision wrapped up in an adorable design, being appropriate for those adopting a more casual style.

         The watch is not only shock resistant, but also water resistant as it can go up to 330 feet, without being harmed in any way and still offering the best accuracy. Another interesting element about this watch is its LED backlight, a feature that most watches don’t provide.

         The new Baby-G BGA-100-8B watch’s design shows amazing appeal and it’s mostly intended to please the eyes of women. You can acquire this cute digital Baby-G BGA-100-8B watch for yourself, or as a gift for a friend, either way, be sure of a perfect decision.

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