10 November

Casio Edifice EFX700D-1A1V

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        Famous for its sporty and casual designs, Casio has produced another impressive timepiece set out to offer an alternative to those dull and classic designs created for Wall Street enthusiasts in the detriment of normal, casual people. The new Casio Edifice EFX700D-1A1V watch is intended to satisfy the needs of the average men and women that need a functional and reliable watch at an affordable price. Successful indeed, the new watch presented by Casio provides many functions wrapped up in a sporty and extreme design.

        The new Casio Edifice EFX700D-1A1V watch is a digital watch available at a price of 170$, depending on where you buy it from. The price is quite affordable when you come to think about the rename of the Casio brand and it is well worth it. Even though it approaches a more sporty and adventurous design theme, the watch has caught the attention of even businessmen or people renowned for their elegant styles. The watch is clearly readable and it’s equipped with analog hands.

        Regarding the functions the new Casio Edifice EFX700D-1A1V watch can perform, we can say that they’re not few. The watch is endowed with a stop watch, a countdown timer to serve in sport competitions, and also a second time zone, for those who enjoy traveling. Another function available at this watch is the alarm, a function that’s indispensable to any respected timepiece. A special feature about this watch is the absolute visibility given by a special system manufactured by Casio, which consists of an electroluminescent light that makes visible the numbers, as well as the area around them. The system is considered to be revolutionary for the world of digital watches, providing this watch with an amazing reliability even in the darkest of places.

        Covered all in scratch resistant sapphire crystal, you can be sure that even after years of wearing it, the Casio Edifice EFX700D-1A1V will still maintain its clean and novel appearance. This watch has an amazing water resistance, being conceived to function even at 330 feet deep. Even though it’s digital, the materials used for its manufacturing are of the very best and specific to the watch making industry. The case and the bracelet are manufactured from stainless steel, adding it a more strong and powerful appearance. The black bezel surrounding the stainless steel case has inscribed the Edifice logo on it and is sustained by four symmetrically placed pushers. The lateral pushers control the main functions of the watch and all its settings. The pushers are constructed to resist accidental pushing, assuring the reliability of this watch at any time.

        The new Casio Edifice EFX700D-1A1V watch is definitely a reliable time keeping instrument for those who enjoy action and adventure, but most of all, sporty designs. This new watch presented by Casio displays the most important features a watch should have, in a powerful and adventure inspired design. The Casio Edifice EFX700D-1A1V watch is appropriate for all types of people, professions and attitudes.

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