By maintaining its standards high and its aspirations even higher, Chopard is now a world-renowned brand of watches that with each new collection and with each new timepiece released shows that it has fell head over heels for the watch making artistry. Chopard has always been interested in keeping the traditional technical value of watch manufacturing, while trying to adopt contemporary and modern designs. Technical innovation is also a brand’s requirement, as most of the watches presented by Chopard are equipped with the best functions that a time keeping instrument can provide.

         Just like all successful brands, Chopard has a certain social responsibility to act as an international quality stimulator, by participating in all sorts of events, competitions, art exhibitions and so on. Being involved in a project with Grand Prix de Monaco Historique, which started back in 2002, Chopard wanted to show its appreciation for this prestigious symbol of racing by creating a special collection inspired by and dedicated to this amazing racing competition. The Chopard brand has identified itself with the core values promoted by this event such as fair-play, competition, sport and perseverance and what better way of expressing admiration than to create something they’re good at, a unique timepiece of the finest quality and value.

         Hinting to a vintage design, the new Chopard Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Time Attack MF watch has been released on the market this year and just as its name implies, it’s dedicated to people with interests in speed, sports and competition. Although its main target are those active people who are always on the run and who need reliable timepieces that can keep up with the intense level of their lives, this watch doesn’t approach a sporty look, it’s more focused into reviving the vintage elegant look of the 1970s, with its slim case and its white detailing on the black dial.

         Elegant in its simplicity, the new Chopard Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Time Attack MF watch represents a multifunctional digital time keeping instrument, that offers absolute reliability for those in need of a progressive and accurate chronograph. Other innovative features provided by this watch include a time interval measurement function, a date function and a countdown. The watch can also display the time on a second time zone and has the ability to set up two alarms. The setting off all these functions is performed through pushing the lateral buttons located at 2 and 4 o’clock positions, while a large window located at 6 o’clock is intended to display the needed information. The bezel of the watch is discreetly detailed with Arabic numerals indicating the tachometric scale.

         The traditional time functions are indicated with the help of the hour-markers, the second marker being a bit special, due to its intense and bright orange color that adds a touch of diversity to the vintage elegant look of the watch.

         The case of the new Chopard Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Time Attack MF watch measures 42.5 mm in diameter and can be available in two versions, one of rose gold and the other of steel. A sapphire crystal covering is used for both cases, the case back having inscribed the words “Grand Prix de Monaco Historique”.

         The Chopard Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Time Attack MF watch comes on many strap versions, featuring stainless steel, black rubber or black leather.