17 November

Citizen JV0010-08E

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        If we were the Forbes of the watch making industry, we would definitely place Citizen amongst the best watch making-oriented companies in the world. A brand famous for its dedication and full commitment towards satisfying the needs of its customers, Citizen has been producing watches ever since 1918. The name of Citizen implies a certain availability and affordability, for the watches produced by this brand are dedicated to all people, from all social milieus; the only criteria for deserving a Citizen is your good taste and appreciation of true value.

        Citizen’s recognition as a global leader of the watch making industry is indisputable, as the brand has always sought to create watches characterized by breath-taking designs and advanced technology mechanisms. The name of Citizen is assurance enough of the power and reliability of a watch produced by this brand and you can be sure that with each new collection, Citizen has come up with more progressive high-tech features that are hard to find as main components in other watches. So far, Citizen has invented some of the most revolutionary watch making techniques, one of those being its solar technology, which permits the watches to work even without batteries, while recharging themselves through the absorption of light and heath.

        The new watch presented by Citizen goes by the name of Citizen JV0010-08E watch and it’s a timepiece dedicated to divers worldwide, as it displays hi-tech features that can make the diving process a whole lot easier. The new Citizen JV0010-08E watch follows the features specific to the Aqualand model; moreover, this watch was created as a celebration of the famous line.

        The new Citizen JV0010-08E watch recharges by using solar energy from different available sources and it displays the time analogically and digitally. The sporty design of the watch implies a generous case as well, as it measures 50 mm in diameter. The thickness of the case made of stainless steel and its system of sheltering the mechanism, provide a 200 meter water-resistance, not to mention the amazing power reserve of 6 months to almost 2 years. When diving, the watch sets automatically to a diving mode if the depth of the water reaches more than 5 meters.

        The bezel is crafted from polished stainless steel and it makes the connection with the strap made of urethane quite smoothly. The lateral buttons are meant to set all the necessary functions of the watch while diving. Some of the features provided by the new Citizen JV0010-08E watch include: functions related to the measurement of the depth, temperature and surface intervals. Water and pressure sensors are also provided when it comes to diving through its automatically set to diving system, while other technical features include a 29 time zones function, an alarm function which can set up to 3 alarms, and also a luminescent dial, assuring the best visibility for divers.

        The new Citizen JV0010-08E watch is definitely an optimal choice when it comes to diving watches, and the reputation of its brand can only add to its appeal. This watch is available at a price of 450 American dollars.