14 June

De Grisogono Fuso Quadrato

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      Fuso Quadrato is the newest De Grisogono collection, a creation that perfectly illustrates the creativity and innovative vitality of this luxury watch maker based in Geneva.

      The luxury watch impresses not only in technology, but also in design. It features two dials, two time zones, therefore a diaphragm mechanism that reveals the second dial at wish.

      This diaphragm mechanism, which was first introduced by De Grisogono with Occhio Ripetizione Minuti, has a genuine practical function for anyone who travels and changes time zones.
When the diaphragm’s 12 titanium blades are open they reveal the second time zone dial, when they are closed they only show the local time in hours and minutes. It is operated by a slide positioned on the case flank opposite the crown.

      De Grisogono’s Fuso Quadrato luxury watch features a self-winding mechanical movement which beats at 28,200 vibrations per hour and thus it gives a 24 hour power reserve.
The hour and minute hand that are placed in the center show the local time. A twelve hour dial and a black frame hand indicate the second time zone.

      Designed for ergonomic comfort, the Fuso Quadrato case is made of 18K pink gold or white gold and it is 47mm wide. Its square silhouette with rounded lines provides comfort of wearing by hugging the wrist closely. The strap lugs are mobile.

      Fuso Quadrato by De Grisogono is water-resistant to almost 100 feet (30 m) and it is provided with an alligator strap and a triple deployment clasp.
The corporate crest appears on both the crown and diaphragm slide.

      The de Grisogono Fuso Quadrato Watch is definitely a masterpiece.

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