De Grisogono Watches

     The collection presented here signed De Grisogono is a refreshed version of the popular Instrumento N Uno introduced 10 years ago on the watch market. The lady’s line is composed from a special edition of four designs in daring and vivid colors which emanate joy and freshness.


De Grisogono dG Meccanico

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     Swiss watchmaker De Grisogono is always pushing its creativity limits and recently it has announced the launch of an exclusive timepiece, the De Grisogono dG Meccanico, which is a new interpretation of the famous Meccanico dG watch that was a huge success in the horological world.


De Grisogono Instrumento Grande Chrono

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        Introduced in 2005 as one of the masterpieces by de Grisogno, the Instrumento Grande Chrono Watch redefines terms such as originality, sophistication and trend. Impressive in its nature, the new wristwatch proves a dedicated sense of originality from the part of the de Grisogno designers.

        This year, De Grisogno has extended this collection with the introduction of two more models of equal refined taste and sophistication. The names of the two models are: the Instrumento Novantatre N08 Watch and the Instrumento Tondo RM S58 Watch.


De Grisogono Power Breaker Chronograph

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        Entirely Swiss manufactured the new Grisogono Power Breaker Chronograph Watch features a rectangular case crafted from rose gold and comes surrounded by a rose gold bezel that is incorporated smoothly within the case.