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DeWitt Academia Chronostream

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     The sporty Academia Chronostream model incorporates a very dynamic dial with a black, blue-grey or white background, whose display reminiscent of a racing car speedometer. Extremely eye-catching, the dial is embellished …


DeWitt WX-1 Watch

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        The new DeWitt WX-1 embodies innovation and manages to bring on the market an air of boldness that just breaks all barriers regarding the way in which a watch should look. The new exquisite and really futuristic design of the DeWitt WX-1 transforms it into an amazing piece of technological innovation.


DeWitt Avant-garde Academia Double Fuseau GMT2 Poetic

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        DeWitt Academia Double Fouseau GMT2 Poetic Watch offers the possibility of accommodating a second time zone, a power reserve that goes up to 42 hours and an impact on the eye that makes it irresistible and worth buying. The globe motif used in creating the dial has a very important role…


DeWitt Academia Tourbillon Force Constante Mecanicam

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        The DeWitt Academia Tourbillon Force Constante Mechanism watch accommodates the mechanical hand-wound DW8003 movement. This movement is based on a simple principle related to constant-force and functions by sending impulses of energy in a regular rhythm.


DeWitt Quantieme Perpetuel Nebula GMT

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         The new Quantieme Perpetuel Nebula GMT, as its designers have chosen to name it, uses as a main design-theme the galaxy, a broad theme restrained into a small-sized watch. The theme is presented very eloquently by using design elements on …


DeWitt Academia Night Chronograph

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         The new DeWitt Academia Night Chronograph is made by using of the one of the most precious materials, 18 carat pink gold. There are two versions for the case of this watch, one is made completely of 18-carat pink gold, while the other uses a combination between pink gold and white gold, offering a playful look to the design.

DeWitt Tourbillon GMT Antipode

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         The new Repetition Minutes Tourbillon GMT Antipode is equipped with a double-faced case made of white gold and titanium. The innovation of this case comes from the possibility to rotate the case at 360 degrees by pressing the lateral pushers located at 12 and 6 o’clock positions.

DeWitt Academia Seconde Retrograde Serenity

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     DeWitt Academia Seconde Retrograde Serenity is the perfect watch for men and its creators have decorate it with powerful lines and designed with a great vision on the of the men’s world. The watch has a case of 43 millimeters and it is created specially for lovers of masterpiece mechanism and high teak design.