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Doxa SUB4000T Watch

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     Unveiled a few months ago, the new Doxa SUB4000T Watch is a refreshed version of the classic dive watch and is created by the company in limited edition in two interpretations, namely the Professional watch and the Sharkhunter watch, distinctive from one another by the color of the dial’s background.


Doxa Grafic Open Heart

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     Another Doxa timepiece created with the same modern approach and innovative technical skill is the impressive Grafic Open Heart Watch, a model inspired of the brands design from the 1950s. The characteristics of the new Doxa Grafic Open Heart timepiece are interesting and attractive.


Doxa Grafic Mistero Watch

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     Well-known for its popular innovative diving timepieces, Swiss watch manufacturer Doxa has changed the path by creating the Grafic Mistero Watch which besides the unequaled design makes a step into the world of high-technology timepieces.


Doxa Chateau des Monts

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        The amazing vintage Chateau de Monts Limited Edition watch presents a version of simplicity and good taste, a watch that doesn’t need much adornment to capture the idea of beauty, refinement and sophistication. 120 years of watch manufacturing have made of Doxa a successful story and ..


DOXA SUB 5000T Sea Conqueror Diving

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         The new watch presented by Doxa goes by the name of DOXA SUB 5000T Sea Conqueror Diving Watch, and as the name suggests, it’s a watch appropriate for diving activities. You can be sure this timepiece offers some of the most wanted functions found in the diving watches released by now on the …