Eberhard is not only a Swiss manufacturer but also a company that has managed during a period of more than 100 years to write history when talking about watches. Eberhard has brought, several times, the word innovation in the field of chronography and the two most important words defining the company are without doubt accuracy and performance.

        The combination of black used in the case of the strap, case and dial and red when it comes to the hands offers an air of “complicated simplicity” that just makes it irresistible.

        As transparency seems to be the latest trend, Eberhard has managed with the Extra-fort Edition Vitree watch to create a resistant, trustful timepiece that also respects the terms of fashion. The stylish sapphire case back of the watch offers the opportunity of admiring the complicated mechanism at work. The movement consisting of an ETA 7750 can be admired throughout the sapphire crystal back.

        Made of 316L steel, the case of the new Eberhard Extra-fort Edition Vitree watch has a diameter of 39 mm that incorporates a convex sapphire crystal.

         Qualities such as passion, attention to detail and a great deal of experience are the ones that propel the House of Eberhard as one of the most luxurious brands on the market: “120 years of passion for a old and fascinating art, 120 years telling of an illustrious past, 120 years of care and attention to every detail”.

        The pallet of colors in which the Eberhard Extra-fort Edition Vitree watch is available is more diversified that in the case of other watches. The dial can come in colors such as black and white, delicious chocolate and astonishing black with red accents.

        The masculine look that inspires trust is exactly as the appearance manages to present it. If you are in look of a sporty watch that also has an air of elegance, the new Eberhard Extra-fort Edition Vitree might just be the perfect choice.

Eberhard Co Extra-Fort Edition Vitree Watch Pictures Gallery