28 May

Edox WRC Chronorally

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        Edox was established back in 1884 by its founding father, Christian Ruefli-Flury, who believed he could offer an alternative to the recognized watch manufacturing canons of those times and who believed that through his desire of innovation could set up the bases of a small empire. The famous watch manufacturing House of Edox still revives the traditional standards by proposing more and more progressive timepieces, characterized by interesting and dynamic designs.

        Empowered by action, the new WRC line presents daring designs meant to impress the world of both watch manufacturing and that of sports and makes use of highly progressive mechanisms that are the result of years of expertise and technical know-how. Borrowing its name from the Greek word for “hour”, Edox presents its respect for time, tradition and heritage through its finely looking timepieces that are at the same time reliable timekeeping instruments never letting down their owners.

        The new Edox WRC Chronorally Watch, Ref. 36001 3 NIN, has an interesting design that hints to massiveness and dynamism. Appropriate for the world of sports, the design of this watch is made up from a 48 mm in diameter stainless steel case that is covered with sapphire crystal on its top, while the back is made from stainless steel engraved with the name of the brand and the watch. Water-resistant to 300 m, the case of this watch guarantees the safety of all its interior technical features even when diving down to 300 m deep. The case is also equipped with a crown and two lateral pushers on the right side.

        The black dial of the new Edox WRC Chronorally Watch has many functions to display, but the artistry of the Edox designers has assured the dial a neat and clean appearance, by displaying quite ordered all the available functions. The dial displays traditionally the functions of hours and minutes, while the other technical details are rendered through semi-arches on the entire surface of the dial. The black dial is adorned with red or silvery detailing to assure a beautiful sporty contrast.

        Amongst the technical features available on the new Edox WRC Chronorally Watch we can mention: a racing time function, a total time function, a replay function, countdown and a chronograph, all extremely useful for drivers and rally participants. The functions are sustained by the new Edox 36 caliber, developed exclusively to meet the technical expectations of this watch in Edox’s ateliers. This movement is highly progressive and quite complicated to manufacture.

        The new Edox WRC Chronorally Watch enjoys the presence of a black rubber strap that assures the sporty design intended by Edox and that comes fitted with a clasp engraved with the logo of the brand.

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