29 January

Emile Chouriet Gold Wing

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        Worldwide known for its inspiring creations, the brand of Emile Chouriet continues to amaze its fans with the new timepieces released on the market, that present a different vision of what the watch manufacturing industry should look like, present a vision of timeless watches with timeless designs and innovative technical features. Most of Emile Chouriet’s creations are luxurious watches that can offer distinction to any wrist, not only because of their unique and exquisite designs, but because of their long-lasting tradition as manufacturer of watches for royalties. The prestige of this brand is indisputable, with a history of 320 years Emile Chouriet still manages to make its presence felt on the stage of watch manufacturing.

        The new watch introduced on the market by Emile Chouriet maintains elegance as core value and approaches a design worthy of royalties. Called the Emile Chouriet Gold Wings Watch, this watch combines the functionality of a watch with the exquisite appearance of jewelries. A tribute to sophistication and refinement, the watch is made only of the finest materials such as gold and diamonds, which together blend into creating this masterpiece of Haute Horlogerie.

Emile Chouriet Gold Wing Picture

        The case made of 18 K yellow gold is surrounded by a diamond-adorned bezel, so you can imagine the explosion of colors on this fine looking Emile Chouriet Gold Wings Watch. The diamonds needed to cover the whole surface of the bezel was of 268, meaning that this ultra-sophisticated watch is anything but cheap.

        The dial approaches a Guilloche pattern and is equipped with Roman numerals to indicate the hours. Also, the traditional hands are made of gold and indicate only the minutes and the hours, while the seconds function uses a sub-dial, above 6 o’clock.

        The elegance of the new Emile Chouriet Gold Wings watch is impressive, the choice of materials being outstanding and the design concept extremely well-thought.

        The brand of Emile Chouriet is famous for its ultra-thin mechanical movements equipping its luxury watches, and so, the new Emile Chouriet Gold Wings watch makes no exception. The watch is endowed with an ETA 7001 automatic movement, that doesn’t provide a date function, but it does offer a water resistance of 30 meters.

        What better choice of the strap than one made of black alligator leather meant to soften a little the brilliance achieved through the diamond adornments and the gold looking dial? The strap is fitted with a folding clasp crafted from the same material as the case and it completes perfectly the elegant design of the watch.

        The only convincing argument that might make you buy this watch is its sheer image that’s like a vision of good taste and sophistication.