Franc Vila comes to be the equal of many long lasting brands in watch manufacturing, due to its commitment to implementing the latest technologies when it comes to the manufacturing of their mechanisms and also to the choice of materials employed. Perfection is always a purpose in itself when dealing with watches and Franc Vila has proven over the years that the watches manufactured under this trademark are timepieces that serve excellence, time and tradition.

        Franc Vila is extremely famous for its Cobra collection, a collection that when it appeared on the market it caused quite some stir, because of its unique approach to design and technical performance. This collection was extended in 2009 by the introduction of the new FV Evos N 1 “Cobra” Tourbillon Planetaire, a roundly-shaped watch that seems easy to wear and goes on any occasion. Being a Franc Vila, the watch gains even more importance apart from its undeniably appealing exterior appearance and it surely rises to the good reputation of the Cobra Collection.

        Standing at the base of their amazing popularity, the FV N1 tourbillion is what brought the glory to this brand, what made of it one of the most respected brands in an over-competing industry. The true dedication of the designers from Franc Vila has generated this amazing timepiece that shines not only through ambitious design features, but also through enviable technical details that propel the fame of this watch as one of the best timepieces of the past few decades. The new FV Evos N 1 “Cobra” Tourbillon Planetaire Watch is equipped with the piece de resistance, the FV N1 tourbillion, a technical complication that assures amazing functionality.

        The design of this watch allows the owner to wear it any time, without being very pretentious, although in its manufacturing there were used materials that exceed the average man’s expectations. The designers opted for red gold as the main material for one version of the new FV Evos N 1 “Cobra” Tourbillon Planetaire Watch, while the other version features a combination of titanium and steel. Both these versions were limited to a number of 8, so enthusiastic fans of Franc Vila will have to hurry up to get their hands on such precious collectible.

        The case is round, but the bezel surrounding it gives the dial curvy lines that make it out of the ordinary by adding that sporty approach appealing to any watch. The dial is black with yellow detailing and it is quite legible, as it has hour markers as Arabic numerals, traditional hands starting from the center of the dial and the other functions expressed neatly through sub-dials. There is a power reserve indicator displayed on the dial that can measure up to 5 days of power reserve.

        All the above mentioned functions have the capacity to function properly and accurately due to the FV N1 calibre movement, which can also offer 300 m of water resistance.
The new FV Evos N 1 “Cobra” Tourbillon Planetaire Watch comes accompanied by a rubber strap, fitted with a folding clasp made from the exact material as the case, either red gold, or titanium and steel.