12 August

Gerald Genta Arena Chrono

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        The Arena Chrono Quattro Retrograde is an innovative design by Gerald Genta, celebrating the Swiss manufacturer’s 40th anniversary as a Haute Horlogerie watchmaker in 2009. While it has the round case and strap of a conventional wristwatch, inside it is completely different. A fully automatic chronograph, water-resistant to ten atmospheres of pressure in any element, its dial is composed four retrograde elements, that automatically reset themselves at the end of each cycle. Even the hour display is a unique Gerald Genta design: the hour pops up as a vivid white numeral in a rhombus-shaped window at the 12:00 face position.

        Along with such high-quality metals as eighteen-carat rose gold and beryllium, the Arena Chrono Quattro’s bezel is made of tantalum, prized for its resistance to corrosion. Tantalum, in addition to being hard and durable, also is hypoallergenic, making it valuable for use in watches. The case‘s rugged construction and gleaming finish is accentuated with engraved detail resembling the internal gear mechanisms of historic watches. A single crown is similarly carved at its base for simple screw-turn removal and reinsertion.

        The internal workings of the Arena Chrono Quattro are as durable and beautiful as the outside. A 37-jewel movement and lever line escapement provide remarkable accuracy and consistent function. The mechanism has a 45-hour self contained power reserve. The movement is covered by a dark gray cover with a precise perforated circle pattern.

        The four retrograde elements, set on multiple levels, which comprise the watch face are the seconds indicator, a shallow arc from zero to 60 across the top. On the right at the 3:00 position is the 30-minute indicator. At the centre bottom are a chronographic seconds gauge, and the retrograde date dial. On the left at the 9:00 position is the retrograde hours indicator. All of these have sharp, elongated black numerals on a rich rose gold background. Every dial marker, shaped like a fan blade or propeller arm, is colored vibrant red for maximum contrast. The overall layout evokes the console and controls of a high-performance aircraft. The tantalum bezel has a brushed finish and is dark gray in color, complimenting the design of the watch face. For optimum readability, scratch resistance and pressure tolerance, a crystal made of nonreflective transparent sapphire sheathes the face. All this performance is contained in a watch case that is just 45 mm across and less than 10 mm in thickness.

        This splendid and rugged watch features a highly flexible and comfortable band of deep brown alligator leather. Alligator is known for its water and salt resistance, and creates virtually no friction with the cuffs of long-sleeved shirts. Not only is it a fantastic timepiece, it also helps prolong the life of its wearer’s wardrobe. The Arena Chrono Quattro, combining durability with refined elegance, can be worn for every occasion, and is a worthwhile investment for the gentleman with an active, fast-paced lifestyle. Gerald Genta retail shops are located in Geneva, Paris and Hong Kong.

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