Founded in 1969 in Geneva, Switzerland, Gerald Genta is a relative newcomer to the Swiss Haute Horlogerie manufacture of watchmaking, but has already built a reputation for watches that are technologically advanced and completely unconventional in style.

        The fully automatic self-winding Arena Tourbillon, with its 3/4 dial and exposed tourbillon escapement at the base of the bezel, will be a conversation piece every time you display it. The Arena Tourbillon’s brushed platinum case, 45 mm in diameter, has an open weave construction, providing an ample showcase for the grande complication movement of the watch. Its exterior is trimmed with fluting resembling notched gears, enhancing its high-tech appearance. The hour hand moves in analog fashion clockwise around three-fourths of the dial. Upon reaching hour 6 on the right side, the retrograde action sweeps it quickly back to the number 6 on the left side of the watch once more to mark off the next twelve hours of operation.

        The tourbillon escapement, found only in the highest quality timepieces, compensates for gravity and ensures uninterrupted running when the wristwatch is moved from a vertical to a horizontal position. This prolongs the life and accuracy of the internal mechanisms of the watch. The tourbillon’s rotation once per minute allows it to function as the axis for the vivid red sweep second hand mounted on it. Crafted and set in 18-carat yellow gold, the tourbillon and the seconds dial contrast dramatically with the gray and silvery colors of the rest of the watch face. A 54-jewel handcrafted internal movement enables smooth, accurate timekeeping in a case that measures a mere 5.9 mm (about one-quarter inch) thick.

        The Arena Tourbillon’s brushed palladium and anthracite face is accented by crisp white Art Deco-style numerals and features the beaded design around its circumference that has become a Gerald Genta design trademark. Shielded by a non-reflective sapphire crystal, this is a strikingly elegant and easily readable timepiece. The single crown mounted on the right side is beaded so it can be gripped and extended easily.

        Supported by a supple black strap crafted of alligator, with a secure folding clasp, this watch is both supremely comfortable and enjoyable to wear. Water-resistant to a pressure of 10 atmospheres, the Gerald Genta Arena Tourbillon can be worn while engaging in any activity, whether fast-paced water sports, a crucial meeting or that special night on the town. A 64-hour power reserve maintains the watch’s functions when required.

        The Gerald Genta Arena Tourbillon also comes in a ladies’ model. Its slim, highly polished platinum case is surrounded by two rows of fine diamonds totalling 102 carats; the white and platinum face is styled exactly like the gentleman’s Arena Tourbillon, and is worn on a smooth, snowy white alligator strap. Its retro design harks back to the earliest wrist timepieces for women, created in the 1920s. The elegant gentleman’s Arena Tourbillon PC model features a perpetual calendar. No matter which Arena Tourbillon wristwatch you choose, it will become a favorite to be passed down for generations to come.

Gerald Genta Arena Tourbillon Wristwatch pictures