A new timepiece from Glashutte is set out to impress its audience. The Glashutte PanoMatic Tourbillion is a watch that any collector would like to acquire because of its interesting look and its unique material. It is something different, something more than what you see everyday on the market, something with an extra touch of elegance and with an extra touch of character.

      Glashutte PanoMatic Tourbillon is the perfect acquisition for those interested in collecting watches and also, for those who appreciate good taste and beauty in general.

      With its luxurious design, Glashutte PanoMatic Tourbillon screams out elegance and good taste. It’s a watch that everybody would want to wear on their wrists and be envied for. It’s a watch with attitude. This watch is made out of the successful combination between its unique material and its elegant design. In the attempt of designing something extravagant, yet wearable Glashutte has managed to come up with this extraordinary piece that has had an outstanding success on the profile market and has managed to get the attention of the connoisseurs.

      The Glashutte PanoMatic Tourbillon watch has a very elegant and sophisticated case made of platinum material which is not very often used on wrist watches. This fashionable platinum case matches perfectly the elegant black alligator leather strap. Also, to add a touch of glamour Glashutte chose to use diamond embellishments on the watch’s bezel. The Glashutte PanoMatic Tourbillon’s irresistible alluring quality comes also from the black dial with guilloche design. The watch displays the time off-centered, on a midsized dub dial positioned on the 10 o’clock spot and below this is a tourbillon cage holding the small seconds function. The date indicator can be found on the 3 o’clock position aside from its time functions.

      A must for your collection, the Glashutte PanoMatic Tourbillon will prove to be an inspiration. The price will be a bit spiced but well justified and besides, you can’t put a price on taste and elegance.

Glashutte PanoMatic Tourbillon Watch Pictures