17 April

Hamilton ODC X-02 Quartz

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     The engineers from Hamilton have managed to develop a futuristic watch that was named ODC X-02 Quartz. The watch has a remarkable design and it looks like the warp engine of a star ship. Its design makes it unique and managed even to play an important part of a Hollywood movie. The inspiration of the developers was from the warp engine and it has the same characteristics when we speak of visual effects.

     The Hamilton ODC X-02 Quartz has three cylindrical parts and each one of it can indicate the time on three different time zones on globe. The bezels of each segment on the watch is situated on the top side and it can be turn left or right with no difficulties because between theme is an important amount of space.

     If you take close look of the watch from on top of it the first impression is that the ODC X-02 Quartz doesn’t have any glasses and it is made from one single piece that represents the entire watch. The amazing thing is that you look throw the side of the watch and from a short distance the indicators will be revealed just like the engine of a starship. The case of the watch has also windows on the sides to create a better 3d version of the watch.

     The entire case is made from titanium colored in black and that is creating the aspect of space and time. The semi oval shape of the case offers it a better resistance to shocks and can create a certain futuristic air to the owner. Because of the turning bezels that can be found on the top side, every section of the watch gather the shape of a telescope but also have some important features inside it.

     Inside the watch we can find three different components, each one working for there separated GMT hours and can easily be set to the correct hour because the bezels are being helped by a pressure valve. The Hamilton engineers have developed this valve to support the adjustments of time for multiple times because this is a watch that it will be used for people who travels a lot.

      For the sport fans we don’t have good news because the Hamilton ODC X-02 Quartz is only 50 meters water resistant and the constructor doesn’t offer any warranty if the watch has been expose for a very long time to water or if inside the watch can be found some water residues that has a corrosive affect for the interior pieces.
     The watch is expected to appear on the market in the year of 2009 and to be more precise, in the month of September.

     For those of you who want to buy this watch are good and bad news. The good news is that the ODC X-02 Quartz will cost around 1700 US dollars and cams with a warranty of 10 years. Also the aspect of the watch can guaranty some special attention will be drawn towards you and you will have a new and unique futuristic watch on your hand.

     The bad news it that the Hamilton will put up to sale only 1000 pieces of the ODC X-02 Quartz with a black titanium case, but after 2009 more models will appear on the market but the case of the watch will construct from stainless steel and the visual effects will not be the same. We can only aspect this new and interesting watch to appear and to see the opinion and reaction of the mass media and of course the opinions of the proud owners of the new ODC X-02 Quartz.

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