Even if the technical performance characterizing most of the watches introduced by Harry Winston is outstanding, I’d say their strongest point resides in their innovative approach to design. Having declared war to conformity and traditional elements of design, Harry Winston creates timepieces for those of us who need more than just timepieces showing time, need individuality, originality in details and shocking aesthetic features of design.

        Celebrating the Project Z6 watch, Harry Winston proposed another version of this outstanding timepiece, and has chosen to employ but the very best of materials, such as zalium. This material has been patented by Harry Winston and it represents a combination between aluminum and zirconium, being extremely light, but highly resistant at the same time. The lustrous gunmetal finish is definitely an indicator of the material’s resistance and the fact that the case of the Harry Winston Project Z6 Watch is completely made of zalium, can only prove the watch’s ability to resist shocks or accidental falls.

        The case of the new Harry Winston Project Z6 Watch measures 44 mm in diameter and it features a dial available in anthracite or silver. The dial of the watch has as a main design focus two intertwined sub-dials, one for the time and the other for the alarm function provided. The activation of the alarm is shown at 6 o’clock through a hand that’s indicating on or off.

        The dial uses colors such as blue and red to provide a joyful and young appearance and it also provides a day and night function, located at 11 o’clock. Apart from the day and night function, the watch is also equipped with a mechanism that has the capacity of showing the day and date, in the disc located at the right side of the main dial. All the functions offered by this watch are easily adjustable through the crown placed traditionally at 3 o’clock.

        When talking about technical performance, Harry Winston is definitely one of those brands that have assured their esteemed place in the chart of the world’s best watch manufacturing brands and this new Harry Winston Project Z6 Watch only talks in its favour. With a highly innovative manually wound mechanism, this watch can perform so many functions in just one timepiece, given the talent and expertise of the designers from Harry Winston that manufactured this amazing mechanism comprising of 340 parts genially assembled into this highly progressive mechanism.

        This watch can provide 72 hours of power reserve and 100 m water resistance, making it appropriate for divers as well and comes accompanied by a black rubber strap, assuring a modern and sport touch of design. The representatives from Harry Winston have announced that the new Harry Winston Project Z6 Watch will be produced in a limited edition of just 300 pieces.