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Harry Winston Opus 6 (Greubel Forsey)

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     Unveiled at the Baselworld 2006, the Harry Winston Opus 6 watch is a masterpiece which stands on top on the list of many watch collectors. But let’s describe this unique creation in detail: the marvel is…


Harry Winston Cluster of Time

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        With the introduction of its latest Cluster of Time Watch, Harry Winston made quite an impression at Baselworld 2010. Impressed by the brilliant design and the highly sophisticated feminine features of this watch, the audience seemed mesmerized by such a unique approach to watch manufacturing.


Harry Winston Daring Project Z6

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        Celebrating the Project Z6 watch, Harry Winston proposed another version of this outstanding timepiece, and has chosen to employ but the very best of materials, such as zalium.


Harry Winston Opus 9 Watch

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        Who wouldn’t want a Harry Winston Opus 9 Watch on their wrist and the fact that it’s not just gorgeously looking, but also extremely functional adds to its appeal. A watch created for the modern man that won’t settle for anything less than individual, innovative and progressive, this new Harry Winston Opus 9 …

        Harry Winston Premier Excenter Perpetual Calendar will be available in a limited edition of only 20 timepieces and will be handcrafted in platinum. The timepiece has a platinum case with a diameter of 41 mm having the brand’s signature, the specific the three-arch design.


Harry Winston Z5

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        Harry Winston Z5 Watch is a sporty timepiece, specially created for those adventurous types that love to travel, provides the world time function and has the ability of displaying two time zones. In order to adjust the hour and the city, the owner just has to turn the crown.


Harry Winston Avenue Traffic

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        Avenue Traffic, the new timepiece launched by Harry Winston is, as the name suggests, inspired by city life, more exactly the city of New York. The impressive architecture inspired not only the name but also the appearance of the watch.


Harry Winston Ladies Premier Lotus

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        Harry Winston Ladies Premier Lotus Watch is a symbol of beauty, a flower shaped as a watch but inspiring the same purity and uniqueness.This astonishing jewel can be found in two versions: one featuring brilliants and one featuring 159 stones altering mother-of-pearl sections, both borrowing ..


Harry Winston Ocean Lady Moon Phase

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        Who would have thought that sport can go with elegance and, even though this is a question usually answered with nobody, the new Ocean Lady Moon Phase created by Harry Winston is the living proof that, if you carefully combine the two elements, the result is nothing but astonishing and exquisite.


Harry Winston Diamond Diane

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        The Diamond Embellished Diane Minute Repeater from Harry Winston is one of the many masterpieces produced by the company. It is an exquisite piece of work, almost a delight to a connoisseur’s eyes.

Harry Winston – Ocean Dual Time

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        The Ocean Dual Time from Harry Winston has an automated mechanical winding, which features one-touch dual time system. This enables the user to make out the difference in time between the two time zones being travelled between, with just one push of a button. The watch boasts of a 35-jewel movement arrangement. The frequency of the balance wheel is 28,800 beats per hour, and it can reserve power for 45 hours.

Harry Winston Avenue Square

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        The dial of the Harry Winston Avenue Series watches for Men have a protective covering in the form of a sapphire crystal, which has been treated downright with antireflective coating on both it is their sides.