17 February

Hautlence HLQ

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     A high-prestige Swiss brand, Hautlence, continuously reinvents its concepts in matters of contemporary design-line and technique. The Hautlence HLQ line epitomizes this trend in Hautlence’ style innovation, it offers a new approach to form and substance by playing with geometric symbolism.

     The HLQ collection embodies the expectancies of Hautlence’ clientele and preserves the HL and HLs’ characteristics. This brand new collection does not lose the genetic code which forms the roots of its foundation. The conceptual essence of this collection is reflected in Hautlence’ logo (the symbol which represents Möbius’ infinity) and it reflects an almost metaphysical level in the watch-makers creative aspiration.

     Designed to fulfill the aesthetic desires of its very exclusive target market, the timepieces of the HLQ series are more than luxurious accessories, they offer not only class to the wearer but a plus of elegance and glamour. The watches prove a unique personality, achieved by merging almost obsessive attention to detail with opulence.

     The concept makes a statement about the perfection of geometric shapes and the metaphysical aspect of time-perception, the use of space is also highlighted in the minutes-reading devoted sector, the HL patented mechanism governs the retrograding minutes and jumping hour.

     In the HLQ, Hautlence uses the same time display principle used in its first model, but rebuilds it placing the date in a disc peripheral to retrograding minute and jumping hour assembles.  The round HLQ uses different kinematics for time reading but its core retains the old visual impact, its manual winding-uses – the peripheral date disc configuration – the sectional gear combined with calibrated micrometric toot-head pinion, directly linked to the minute hand axis.

Hautlence HLQ Pictures