30 March

Hautlence’s New HL08

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        Hautlence is an unstoppable brand in terms of creativity and the fact that it has been taking its job seriously as a manufacturer of luxury watches is reflected in every new timepiece they release on the market. With an outstanding taste for fashion and trendy designs, Hautlence has made its way on the crowded market of watch manufacturing and has become one of the most esteemed brands of the moment.

        We are sure to live in a society preoccupied with image and appearance, and this aspect was pretty well captured by Hautlence in its innovative designs meant to shock even the most unconventional taste in watch manufacturing. The new timepiece introduced by the brand is characterized by unique and modern design features that are catchy to any watch enthusiast and the fact that the display is anything but ordinary, with original ways of providing the hours and the minutes can only thrill a potential owner of this exquisite timepiece.

        The new timepiece by Hautlence goes by the name of HL08 Watch and it definitely captures the concept of evolution. With its futuristic design featuring a practical rectangular case, the watch expresses a complex design architecture that hides an even more complicated technical movement. The case is manufactured from 18 carats white gold and it has massive proportions, measuring 43.5 mm x 37 mm. The design is masculine and modern, and definitely not appropriate for conservative taste.

        Even if the construction of this watch required some of the most exquisite materials and most complicated technical details, the real beauty of this timepiece resides in its dial. The black dial of the new HL08 Watch by Hautlence comes on a black shade, which makes an attractive contrast white the shiny white gold case. The dial is based on skeletonized segments that provide the information of minutes, hours and seconds. The minutes are displayed through a segment containing numbering from 10 to 60, from 10 to ten units, while the hours are displyed in the upper left side of the dial. Also, a small disc displays the seconds, being located where most watches would display 5 o’clock.

        The technical movement of the new HL08 Watch involves years of research and it has been patented under the trademark of Hautlence after the release of the watch on the market. Apart from assuring the desirable accuracy of the functions provided, this watch has also the capacity to resist up to 30 m of water resistance and 40 hours of power reserve, all due to the highly progressive manually-wound HL08 Calibre movement.

        The watch comes with a very sophisticate black alligator leather strap that’s fitted with a folding clasp made of white gold. The representatives from Hautlence have decided to produce this model in a limited edition of 88 pieces, due to the exquisiteness of the materials employed in the manufacturing process and to the highly complicated technical movement.