1 February

Hermes Arceau Ebony Chronograph

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        The distinctive brand of Hermés International has managed to capture the attention both of the fashion industry, as well as that of the watch manufacturing with its latest timepiece-releases. Apparently, Hermés’ approach towards wristwatches is quite successful, as the brand can offer both technical performance and fashionable design. The idea of manufacturing watches came from the vision of this brand to produce something really necessary but that would display amazing features of design, meant to make of a timekeeping instrument a glamorous wrist accessory in itself.

        The new watch presented by Hermés was simply named the Arceau Ebony Chronograph Watch, a timepiece of extreme finesse and good taste. The design of this watch is indeed powerful in terms of beauty, as it displays simple lines that shape the finest materials in watch manufacturing. This new watch presented by Hermés has found its inspiration in the equestrian sport; its designers wanting to create something with a theme, something catchy for the watch enthusiasts.

        The design of the new Arceau Ebony Chronograph Watch features a case measuring 43 mm in diameter crafted from stainless steel that matches perfectly the dark-brown color of the dial and the brown leather strap. The case is made of polished stainless steel to offer a dazzling aspect and it connects asymmetrically with the strap through two artistically shaped lugs. The robust bezel is equipped on the lateral with a crown and two simple pushers to adjust the main functions of the watch.

        The dark brown dial of the new Hermés Arceau Ebony Chronograph Watch features Arabic numerals for every hour, three sub-dials measuring the functions of the chronograph and the traditional hands for hours, minutes and seconds. The color of the hand for the seconds is orange, to match the hands indicating the functions of the chronograph in the three sub-dials and also to achieve a sporties appearance by contrasting with the dark brown from the dial and strap. The three sub-dials of the new Hermés Arceau Ebony Chronograph Watch are positioned symmetrically at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock, while the window displaying the date function can be traced between the 4 and 5 o’clock positions. The logo of the brand couldn’t miss from this whole appearance and so we can see the inscription of Hermés under 12 o’clock.

        The technical aspect when manufacturing this amazing watch was not neglected by the watch makers from Hermés, who have seen the need to equip this watch with a highly reliable mechanism that would rise to the brand’s expectations. After all, it is Hermés we’re talking about. The chosen movement was a mechanical one, equipped with a chronograph and a date function, making of this watch not just an elegant and beautiful accessory, but also a very practical tool.

        The new Hermés Arceau Ebony Chronograph Watch is available on a Barenia calfskin strap matching the over all aspect of the watch.