3 March

Hublot King Power Bing Bang

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     Hublot defy the competition with the first ever created by them watch in 1980, a gold watch whit a black natural rubber belt. So it became a pioneer in the industry of the gold watches and there model inspire more luxury models that are even today in tops.

     The creator Carlo Crocco has already strong knowledge of watch business because he inherits from his family, a family that was well known in the clock business.
He was determined to develop watches that must have prominent lines but also a respect for the used materials, watches that where created to be on the hand of every one of us even if we are in a meeting or we are at shopping. This transforms the Hublot in the most desired gift, but everybody knows that there is nothing more then asking on the market about the new Hublot model.

     The first rule of the Hublot watches is chastity without any other exterior designs. The aspect of the entire collection was created after a porthole (Hublot in French) and 12 titanium bolts that are mounting the frame but also a support for the watch hours.

     In what it regards the belt of the watch, Carl Crocco decide that leather is very fragile. In time he drew a blueprint and notice that the belt that was colored in black completes the metal and even gold. But what black material can he use to be resistance in time and in water but also to have a very elegant look? The idea came to him immediately: rubber. After a 3 years research the new revolutionary rubber black belt was ready to go into production. The rubber belt has also the property to resist to the corrosive factors such as: the sun light, water, sand, wind, etc.

     Fusion and dimension are the 2 elements that give birth to a new model, of course that we speak about the new Hublot King Power. The case of the watch is made from a metal called palladium unidirectional bezel made from the same material as the case with numbers that came preeminent on the side of the watch. The side insertion of the new Hublot King Power are made from dark resin, titanium bolts, the glass of the watch is made from sapphire crystal, all of this new elements combines together to form the new Hublot King Power. If we speak about dimension it is shown to us n millimeters, to be more exactly 48 millimeters, a dimension of the modern time that it is required by the modern personalities of people.

     The mechanical part of the King is automatic with a spare function of power up to 42 hours and if we combine this with the resistance to 300 meters in debt gives to the new Hublot the safety of any given test that those watches are run throw.

     Today more members of the royal family shown there enthusiasm for this swish watches and so Hublot was soon know by the entire world.
     The new Hublot Big Bang model that differs from the other elegant watches on the market because of two aspects: first of all the rubber natural belt whit Kevlar insertions and second of all the layers that are applied to the constructive material differs one from each other.

     Cellini gives us the opportunity to find Hublot watches in the stores being the only store that sells Hublot watches all over the world. It does not matter that you consider to by a gift for someone or is Christmas or only you want a new bussines or sport watch the Hublot King Power is the perfect choice for you.
The price of those watches is from 15000 euros to 45000 euros.

Pictures with Hublot King Power and Hublot Bing Bang