28 July

Longines Grand Vitesse

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        Longines is an arm of the legendary Swiss watch maker – the Swatch group. Longines has a history which dates back until 175 years. Longines also as hoards of achievement books filled one after the other. Andre Agassi is the legendary tennis player, who has outwitted his Grand Slam opponents 8 times, which is a record in itself. His powerful and elegant strokes are still remembered. Now, why are we mentioning Longines and Andre Agassi together? This is because both of them share one thing in common: the ability to win people’s hearts by display of sheer brilliance and elegancy. In commemoration of the fine tennis played by Andre Agassi, Longines has launched the Andre Agassi 8 Grand Slams in Longines Grand Vitesse watch, which is custom made to showcase this great tennis achievement of Andre Agassi. What a great way of one brilliant performer to honor the other one! It speaks volumes about performance being a cult at Longines, and this shows in almost every watch this luxury watch maker has ever turned out.

        Longines, on the 29th May, 2009, at Agassi’s tennis academy, promptly announced the launch of this limited edition watch. Only 888 pieces of this legendary watch will be on sale. Nurturing the philanthropic nature of Agassi, Longines has come out with a humanitarian decision to support Agassi in educating further.

        The design of this watch is so engrossing that one just simply can’t take his or her eyes of it. The watch has an elegant sporty head and very unique feature in the dial which has promptly caused this watch to become famous. The gold in the symbol of the Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation has been highlighted. The case of every piece of the watch is a custom made thing, with a gleaming black tint. The most eye catching feature of this time piece is the glowing “8”, in orange, which commemorates Agassi winning 8 Grand Slams. The watch also features a L667 caliber scale and mach 2 tachymeter scale. The watch has an impressive dial; there are divisions for the hours and minutes, and a very small second’s counter. There is also a date indicator which is built in the watch. Longines has said that since the inspiration behind this watch has been another person, so to celebrate him, only limited ones should be manufactured, and so for now, only 888 pieces of this luxurious watch will be manufactured.

        The beautiful watch has its own aura, but the orange looking “8” on the dial add to its glory. This watch is suitably for people who are Andre Agassi’s fan, and those who can shell out that extra money for a watch. Definitely, the design and the appearance of the watch are such that everyone will want to buy it. Buy it and see people being jealous of your Longines. In addition, why should not they, because after all, the quality and finish of the Longines has never been complained about! Go buy Longines Grand Vitesse!

Andre Agassi 8 Grand Slams in Longines Grand Vitesse watch pictures