25 February

Louis Moinet Magistralis

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        Lois Moinet is definitely an important part of the watch making history, a brand that ever since 1806 continues to shock the watch connoisseurs with its incredible timepieces released that year after year present better mechanisms, more innovative designs and extraordinary materials. Authenticity has always been a core value of this brand, and most of the timepieces manufactured under this trademark display original functions that even today maintain the high standards exposed in the famous Traité d’Horlogerie written in 1948 by Lois Moinet. This book is known to be amongst the best books of its century, with hand-drown mechanisms presented by Lois Moinet and is definitely considered as a manifesto of the watch making industry.

        An amazing watch presented by Lois Moinet is the new Lois Moinet Magistralis Watch, a timepiece manufactured from a strange material for this industry of watch manufacturing, to be more precise, from a piece of a moon meteorite. This watch is very unlikely to be manufactured again, being one of a kind limited edition.

        The design of this watch was thought to express greatness and originality, being characterized by masculine traits that hint to power and control. The case of the Lois Moinet Magistralis Watch was crafted from 3 N 18 carat rose gold, being composed of almost 100 parts.

        The dial is black and is completed by the 4 gold sub-dials expressing the functions of the perpetual calendar. Decorated with Cotes de Jura motifs, the black dial is extremely refined and matches perfectly with the hands made of gold and blue steel. The generous size of the case guarantees perfect legibility and the functions of the calendar are easy to read, being neatly ordered.

        The mechanism of this watch has found its inspiration in the Traité d’Horlogerie written by the founding father of this brand and it presents amazing functions. The most appealing feature about the mechanism of this watch is the perpetual calendar function, which took years of preparation and dedication from the part of the watch makers from Lois Moinet.

        The exquisite Lois Moinet Magistralis Watch is available on a black alligator strap, which adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the powerful, sporty design of the watch. Impressive in its nature, this Lois Moinet Magistralis Watch deserved an equally beautiful box, made from the finest maple by Claude Bourquard, from the Jura.

        The price for this watch has been speculated intensely, but the truth is that Lois Moinet hasn’t made any declaration regarding this matter. No matter what, expect a very spiced price.

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