22 June

Louis Moinet Twintech

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       Established back in 1806 by Louis Moinet, the Louis Moinet brand of watches is even nowadays amongst the most respected brands in this industry with the continuous release of inventive timepieces that are considered by the watch connoisseurs as works of art and not just manifestos of progressive Haute Horology. “Traite d’horlogerie” is the book written by the founding father of this brand and it contains indispensable information for any watch-maker, proposing visionary techniques and establishing that the core value of a watch manufacturing brand should always be authenticity. Always preoccupied with originality, quality and art, Louis Moinet set up an empire of watch manufacturing and created a brand for royalties and celebrities, a brand that only manufactures limited editions or one-of-a-kind items.

       The new watch presented by Louis Moinet brings a breeze of fresh air to a classy design as it combines lines of the nostalgic finesse of the past with contemporary lines and contrasting colors. The design of the new Louis Moinet Twintech Watch bases its appeal on a classy rectangular case measuring 40 mm x 54 mm that shines extremely beautiful due to the polished 316 L stainless steel material employed in its manufacturing. The design of the case was inspired by the original work of the founding father of the brand, but the current designers have added up their vision to make the concept a bit more modern, a bit more contemporary.

       The dial uses “Cotes du Jura” motifs and it offers extreme legibility. The ivory dial makes a beautiful contrast with the rhodium plated hands indicating the main functions of hours, minutes and seconds and also, with the black sub-dials that show the functions of the retrograde date and the power reserve indicator. The margins of the dial are equipped with applied Arabic numerals that use curvy, seductive lines, almost hinting to an Art Deco style.

       The mechanism of the new Louis Moinet Twintech Watch is based on a Louis Moinet twin barrel manufacture movement endowed with a shock absorption system. The movement offers amazing reliability as it can show the traditional functions of hours, minutes and seconds, a retrograde date function and also the amazing 120 hours power reserve. The power reserve function distinguishes this watch for the regular watches from the market as it can offer three times their capacity concerning this function.

       With a neat and modern design, the new Louis Moinet Twintech Watch doesn’t stray much from the classy lines specific to Louis Moinet and it’s more than fit to respond to the requirements of our modern society.

       The classy Louisiana alligator leather strap completes the sophisticated design by adding a touch of refinement, matching perfectly the shiny surface of the case and also the contrasting dial. The new Louis Moinet Twintech Watch is easily recognizable as a Louis Moinet due to the indisputable quality of its materials and to the inventive and original design.

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