13 October

Louis Moinet Variograph

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         Yet another remarkable timepiece by Louis Moinet has been launched on the market of watch manufacturing making the competitive brands acknowledge the fact that history and expertise can not be bought by any means and that the watches presented by Louis Moinet are the result of years of technical experimentation, effort and patience. The legacy of Louis Moinet is present in any new timepiece launched by the famous brand, just like particles of the parents’ DNAs are present in that of their child.

         The name of Louis Moinet has changed the history of watch manufacturing along with the famous Traite d’Horlogerie published in 1848. Just as the name of its founding father is a name with resonance in the watch making artistry, the brand also enjoys a great deal of reputation and notoriety in the 21st century for the variety of timepieces introduced on the market.

         The newest timepiece introduced by the Louis Moinet House of watch manufacturing is called the Louis Moinet Variograph, a watch of extraordinary sophistication and style. Being equipped with an automatic chronograph movement, the creative concept of this watch follows the idea of the past expressed by Louis Moinet and which states that: a true artist accepts only what is genuine, simple, solid and useful. This quote represents an excerpt from Louis Moinet’s Traite d’Horlogerie and it’s a statement that still stands today, as you can’t have performance without searching to use the best of materials, the best of techniques and the best of talent.

         Highly innovative, the new Louis Moinet Variograph is equipped with two progressive functions, a full moon indicator and a world map located at the 9 o’clock position. What’s outstanding about this world map is that it spins on its axis every 24 hours, which offers the possibility to tell the time around the world by making use of the Greenwich meridian.

         Apart from these impressive functions, the Louis Moinet Variograph watch also displays a 60-second counter, a 30-minute chronograph and also indicators for the day, month and date.

         The new Louis Moinet Variograph is available in 4 versions, changes that apply only to the color of its dial. The versions are: charcoal dial, silver dial, old rose dial and black dial, each of these variations being limited to only 60 timepieces worldwide.

         Purchasing a Louis Moinet original watch assures you a place in the Louis Moinet family and gives you part of its greatness. But acquiring any of the remarkable timepieces presented by Louis Moinet is not such an easy process, as the company has started to limit its watch manufacturing at no more than 1,000 units per year. Limited indeed, you can be sure that your new Louis Moinet watch has enjoyed the best attention and that we’re buying a timepiece that’s very unlikely to go out of fashion or to break down.

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