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Monocera Haute Joaillerie Enamel and Diamonds

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       The new Milus Monocera Haute Joillerie Watch in Enamel and Diamonds makes use of cobalt blue surfaces decorated with grand-feu enamel, being delimitated by brilliant white diamonds that create the shape of small islands. The diamonds employed in this design measure some 1.37 carats, adding an amazing value to this watch produced by Milus.


Milus Zetios Chronograph Joaillerie

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        A statement of proficiency from the part of the designers from Milus is the new Milus Zetios Chronograph Joaillerie Watch, an extravagant watch made of gold that has exclusivist traits for exclusivist people. The new Milus Zetios Chronograph Joaillerie Watch is ..


Milus Eridana Ladies

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        The Milus Eridana Ladies Haute Joaillerie Watch makes the difference through the extremely complex art of enamelling that was msterfully applied in this case, turning its design in a very sophisticated one.

Milus Merea TriRetrograde

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      “MEREA TriRetrograde Seconds Skeleton” was successfully launched last year making it possible for the MEREA “TriRetrograde Seconds Skeleton” Joillerie to make its appearance. It is a wonderful combination of astonishing jewelling creativity and imperious Swiss watch making tradition.

Tirion TriRetrograde Seconds Skeleton

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    The main theme of the new Tirion TriRetrograde Seconds Skeleton is compound by a combination of red gold and some characteristic black insertion that creates an exceptional time piece with unique components and with a great style and forms.