1 July

Moon Dust Watch

Posted under Romain Jerome

        This is a watch you can either love or hate. You can not remain indifferent when seeing the Romaine Jerome Moon Dust Watch. It comes from the collection called DNA of Famous Legends created by Romaine Jerome itself. What makes it so special is the fact that this watch is made from original and rather odd materials that come from the space crafts that landed on the moon. Its design includes elements from the International Space Station.

        Romaine Jerome Moon Dust Watch features a 46mm case manufactured from stainless steel and titanium material and it also includes authentic materials from the Apollo 11 spacecraft. The bezel of this innovative watch is made from a carbon fiber material. Aside from this, the Romaine Jerome Moon Dust Watch also has an interesting dial that looks like a moon, adorned with craters that are actually made with moon dusts.

        The tourbillion positioned at 6 o’clock offers a glimpse to the mechanical movement of this amazing timepiece. The strap is made of black rubber. The most innovative version of this Romaine Jerome Moon Dust Watch is characterized by an unusual skeleton like detailing found on the dial of the watch. It makes you think of pirated and gold treasures.

        A certificate from the Association of Space Explores (ASE) guarantees the origin of the materials Romaine Jerome used to create this modern watch. It is obvious that such an astonishing timepiece like Moon Dust Watch will be available at a rather high price.

Moon Dust Watch by Romaine Jerome Picture