Established in 1904, Oris has become to be regarded as a long lasting brand with great influence on the watch manufacturing tradition and with a promising future sustained by the release of highly innovative timepieces that defy the traditional standards of watch manufacturing.

        Having as a symbol the red rotor, Oris is the proud manufacturer of many wristwatches that are even nowadays considered landmark-timepieces for the watch manufacturing tradition. Every year, Oris tries to do something special for its loyal customers or for its fans worldwide by proposing a timepiece-concept meant to celebrate an event, a public figure or a sport competition. Out of the passion of its designers, Oris came up with the new Oris Darryl O’Young Limited Edition watches, designed as a celebration of the famous PCCA Double Class A Champion, Darryl O’Young.

        The impressive design of the new Oris Darryl O’Young Limited Edition watches features a case measuring 43.50 mm and 41.00 in diameter, which was manufactured from a strong and resistant material called titanium. To guarantee even a better resistance, the titanium employed in the manufacturing of the case was treated with DLC coating, for a more distinctive and refined look.

        Sporty in its nature, the new edition of the Oris Darryl O’Young Limited Edition watches has a dial that’s rather unconventional, because of its printed wheel rim on a glass surface. Being inspired by the Porsche car, the dial features luminescent coated over-sized Arabic numerals for the 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions, luminescent coated hands for the traditional functions of time and also a date window located discreetly at 4 o’clock. Everything displayed on this dial is extremely legible even at night or in dark spaces.

        Activating the working from inside of this Oris Darryl O’Young Limited Edition Watch is a mechanical movement, especially manufactured at the Oris’ Holstein factory, in Switzerland. The movement can assure apart from the accurate functionality of this watch, a water resistance of up to 100 meters. The mechanism is visible through the case back of the watch that is covered with sapphire crystal, previously treated under the most advanced technologies to assure a proper resistance.

        To add a nice sense of occasion, the Oris Darryl O’Young Limited Edition Watch will be manufactured in a limited number of 997 items, number related to the Type 997 Porsches. Each model will have its individual number, which is discreetly inscribed on the case side at 9 o’clock.

        The sporty design is completed by the black rubber strap that assures amazing flexibility and easiness of movement to the wrist. The folding clasp equipping this strap is made from DLC titanium, just as the material from the case

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