8 May

RSW Moonflower Watch

Category : RSW

        The new timepiece presented by RSW goes by the name of RSW Moonflower Watch and it represents a sophisticated and elegant timepiece dedicated to the most pretentious of women. The new wristwatch is a bit far-fetched in terms of design.

7 May

Tissot PRS 516 Watches

Category : Tissot

        A timepiece with heritage, the new Tissot PRS 516 watch offers an updated version of a watch that was even in its days of glory considered highly progressive, making use of an automatic chronograph movement -ETA Valjoux 7750.

        Definitely a watch for those who prefer simplicity and minimalist style, the new Zenith Elite 681 Ultra Thin watch represents the voice of those times when less really meant more and when purity seemed more seductive than extravagance.

        The legendary Instrument BR collection introduced by Bell & Ross was extended with the manufacturing of the brand’s latest innovation, called the BR 01-92 Radar Watch.

6 May

Tissot Sailing Touch

Category : Tissot

        The new Tissot Sailing Touch Watch approaches an inventive design that’s in high demand nowadays, being both sporty and casual. Inspired by sailing, the new watch seeks to offer extensive reliability to sailors by providing them with professional technical functions that would make from a common wristwatch ..

        The latest timepiece released by Badollet goes by the name of Observatoire 1872 Minute Repeater Watch and it is a modernly-shaped timepiece characterized by remarkable technical proficiency. The new watch has a sophisticated, yet contemporary design composed by a 44 mm in diameter case.

5 May

RSW High King Power Reserve

Category : RSW

        Extremely functional and with a rather tempered design than those we are familiarized with from the part of the designers from RSW, the new RSW High King Power Reserve Watch represents a statement of success with its interesting and modern design that’s quite catchy for the watch connoisseurs.

        One of the most impressive timepieces released by Graham goes by the name of Graham Chronofighter Oversize Diver Date Watch, a timekeeping instrument especially made to adjust the needs of divers. With a modern design, this watch doesn’t only impress with its clean and sporty appearance…

        A timepiece full of symbolism, the new Breitling Grande Complication Pocket-Watch pays tribute to a successful brand and to a devoted person, because if it weren’t for Walter Owen Bentley, we wouldn’t be talking today about the iconic brand of Bentley.

        Classy enough, the new TAG-Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887 Chronograph watch provides a clean appearance that emphasizes on the idea that less is more. The dial is extremely legible and the basis of its appeal resides exactly in the neat arrangement of the functions of the dial.

        One of the top collections introduced by TX Watch Company goes by the name of TX 300 Series Perpetual Calendar Watch Line, an extremely contemporary line that embraces an urban, yet classy appearance.

        The Raymond Weil Freelancer Collection was extended by another timepiece inspired by one of the most curious fields of activity, that of Numerology. The name of the newly introduced timepiece is Raymond Weil Freelancer Black 8 watch and it represents a piece of extreme sophistication characterized by ..

        The new Serpenti Watch by Bulgari was released during Baselworld 2010 and its design based on a simple idea mesmerized the feminine audience. Femininity was definitely a goal in itself in the creative process of this timepiece.

        The striking design of the timepieces included in the new TX 400 Series Perpetual Weekly Calendar collection is what attracts watch enthusiasts because of the powerful combination between elegant and classy features of design and more innovative, contemporary ones.

        This year, De Grisogno has extended this collection with the introduction of two more models of equal refined taste and sophistication. The names of the two models are: the Instrumento Novantatre N08 Watch and the Instrumento Tondo RM S58 Watch.